Smackdown LIVE Highlights – Kevin Owens Enlists An Old Friend For Help (5/14/19)

Kevin Owens

The final show before Money in the Bank was SmackDown LIVE straight from England. SmackDown has been the better show for a few weeks going now between it and their Monday Night sibling. With a fantastic Fatal 4-Way match planned and some Money in the Bank build up, SmackDown LIVE looked to be a good show. How would the storyline be advanced, especially the WWE Title Match between Kevin Owens and Kofi Kingston? Would it succeed… or falter? Let us find out. SmackDown LIVE’s highlights are below.

The Samoan Bloodline Face All Odds

Photo: WWE

Roman Reigns would kick off SmackDown LIVE declaring he has unfinished business and an Elias problem. His first step in solving that problem would be welcoming The Miz to SmackDown LIVE as a part of the “Wild Card Rule”. This would quickly get the attention of Shane McMahon and Elias himself, as they would make their way out. Shane would state that since he has the power, The Miz is no longer welcomed in the ring or inside the building, removing him for the night. Shane would make the point how the only way to remove him and Roman from the ring would be to do it themselves. Before making their way down to the ring however, he would bring up how he knows two people who would also appreciate keeping The Miz off of SmackDown, as the SmackDown Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan and Rowan would head to the ring with Shane and Elias as they would close Miz and Roman into the middle of the ring. The attack would begin as the two were outnumbered before The Usos music would hit and as they sprinted down to help their family in Roman. The evening of the odds would lead to Shane making a handicap match later in the night, with The Miz barred from the arena unless he wanted to lose the Steel Cage match this Sunday between the two.

Roman Reigns & The Usos vs Shane McMahon, Elias, Daniel Bryan, and Rowan

As expected, much of this match would be in the favor of the tag champs and company as they would try their best to control Jey Uso for much of the match and try to find the victory doing so. The fight wouldn’t die in Jey, as he would manage to tag in “The Big Dog” who was looking to hopefully close it out. With plenty of control, Reigns prepared for the Superman Punch but the numbers would catch up as he would get distracted, allowing Daniel Bryan to hit him with a kick and they would retake control. Following the commercial break, Rowan would be in control still on Roman before Roman would manage to fight out of it. Reigns would finally tag in his family to aid him as a Young Bucks-like Superkick Party would break out. They would hit stereo Superkicks on Daniel Bryan who had come from the top, managing a near fall when Shane would break up the pin. Elias would hit the Drift Away to eliminate one Uso as Daniel Bryan would hit the Running Knee on the other. Reigns would stop them before ultimately hitting Rowan with a Superman Punch on the outside. Elias would have enough in him to take out “The Big Dog” by throwing him into the steel steps. Shane would tag himself in and hit the Coast to Coast for the victory. Following the win, The Miz would make his way out with a steel chair finally evening the odds as Shane would immediately bail. The good guys would stand tall before announcer Greg Hamilton would announce the winner and “BEST IN THE WORLD” Shane McMahon. A Steel Cage match that could result in Shane taking a risk, it has truly been built up as well as Roman taking on Elias.

Fatal 4-Way Action Steals The Show

Photo: WWE

Ali. Finn Balor. Andrade. Randy Orton. The four representatives for SmackDown LIVE in the Men’s Money in the Bank match faced off in a Fatal 4-Way match as someone would be destined to gain momentum heading into the big match where a future world champion could make their next step. It would be all action from the start, with Randy Orton controlling the match on the outside hitting two huge back slams on top of the announce table. A ladder would be established inside the ring by Andrade as it would come into play plenty in this match and especially this Sunday. Andrade would nail both Finn Balor and Randy Orton with the ladder before getting caught by a thunderous Superkick of Ali. After being out of the match, Finn Balor would really get going by hitting the corner dropkick on Andrade into the ladder. As Finn would get to his feet, Ali would hit Balor with a rolling X-Factor. He would then look to hit the 450 on Finn who would roll out of the way. Ali having the attention to roll through found himself but would be met with an RKO out of nowhere by Orton. Andrade would then nail Orton with a springboard dropkick, leaving him and Balor as the final two. Andrade would throw Finn into the steel steps leading to the Hammerlock DDT on the inside of the ring and being enough to get Andrade a huge victory ahead of Sunday. He would set up a ladder in the middle of the ring to climb to the top and symbolize that he would be Mr. Money in the Bank following Sunday night. Before getting to the top, the music of Ricochet would hit as he’d spring himself onto the ladder and climb to the top. Managing to knock off Andrade, he would take off the briefcase and hold it in his grasp. Could this be a sign of things to come this Sunday? We will find out soon enough.

The Story Continued: Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair would make her way to introduce an incredible video that highlights the story of Charlotte and Becky Lynch through the years and especially in the past year ahead of their possible last match for a long time. This Sunday, once again, Becky Lynch defends the SmackDown Women’s Championship against Charlotte Flair.

SmackDown LIVE MVP: Kofi Kingston on the Kevin Owens Show

Photo: WWE

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston would be the guest of the “Kevin Owens Show” this week but instead of Kevin Owens starting off the show, the champion would get to the ring first. The fans would chant “Kofi Show” as Kofi tried to get Owens down to the ring ahead of their WWE Championship matchup on Sunday. Kevin Owens would appear on the screen bringing up how none of The New Day is with him inside the ring and for the first time in 11 years he is all alone. Not only would he say that, but it would be the worst time possible. Owens would say that reality will finally set in when he gets his chance Sunday and takes the championship from Kofi. A video of Kevin Owens’ continuous accomplishments would be shown, from him taking out John Cena his first night, to turning on Chris Jericho and eventually The New Day just a few weeks ago. Kingston would get sick of hearing him talk and clear the ring for a fight. Owens would begin to make his way to the ring and stop multiple times trying to get in the head of Kofi. Kofi would go after Owens before Sami Zayn would show up to take care of his best friend. An absolute beat down of Kofi would begin but Xavier Woods would try to give some aid before immediately being taken out. Kofi would try to fight out by avoiding the Cannonball by Kevin Owens, but Zayn would be there to keep on the attack. Kofi would somehow manage to fight out again, hitting the Trouble in Paradise and once again standing tall as SmackDown LIVE went off the air. One thing that is for sure as that these two are going to war this Sunday at Money in the Bank.

SmackDown LIVE was an action-packed show last night as the build to Money in the Bank lasted all night long. As Game of Thrones has their final episode, it will be difficult for WWE to get eyes on their Money in the Bank PPV. What must be respected is the overall show they have put together as many matches are must-see on this show. Don’t believe it? Look out for the Money in the Bank PPV Preview later on as each match is mapped out as we move closer to the big event that could be WWE’s best of the year.


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