Preview: Arizona Wrestling Federation – The Reckoning (4/27/19)

The Arizona Wrestling Federation (AWF) presents The Reckoning, this Saturday, April 27 in Peoria, Arizona at Southwest Indian Ministries 14202 N. 73rd Ave. One of the biggest Main Events in their history takes place as AWF Champion, Legend, and Icon Gabriel Gallo defends the Title against Arizona State Champion WATSON. The Tribe will also be in action Saturday night, although their opponent hadn’t been determined at press time.

Mystiq vs Lina De’ Oro

Photo: AWF

Mystiq tried and failed multiple times and failed to wrestle the AWF Women’s Belt away from Leslie Iris and faces young star Lina De’ Oro as she tries to get back into the Title picture. De’ Oro needs to be ready for an aggressive start as Mystiq likes to go right after her opponent. De’ Oro has competed in Las Vegas and is adept at taking her opponent to the mat which is the clear strategy in this one. A win for Lena would put her right in the mix of a young and talented young and talented AWF Women’s division.

Anthony Idol vs R-Three

Photo: AWF

This is gonna be a fight. Anthony Idol isn’t trying to be your friend, and R-Three wants to destroy you, so who knows where this one goes. These two will go to any length to get a victory and the assigned official may need a flexible rulebook in this contest. It will resemble a bar fight more than a wrestling match where punches take preference over armbars. R-Three has been a dominant force in the southwest since he’s competed primarily in singles this year and a win over the SoCal Star Idol would continue his strong progression to a future Title opportunity.

AWF Scramble (Winner Gets #20 Spot in Wildcard Rumble): Andy Palafox vs Jordan Cruz vs Onyx vs Alvaric Reiner 

Photo: AWF

It’s pretty basic. The winner is in the Wildcard Rumble. Easier said than done since we know the AWF loves surprises it’s likely that others will enter this match who are listed on the card, i.e. Funny Bone. These scrambles are wild and crazy and anyone can win it. Andy Palafox is due to get one of these and collect a big win. He got knocked out by a skateboard recently and fell into the middle of the Parada/C-Lassic feud only to get eliminated. Alvaric Reiner is one half of the AWF Tag Team Champions and is a Four-Time AWF Heavyweight Champion. Don’t count out talented stars like Jordan Cruz, or Onyx and anyone else for that matter.

AWF Unleashed Championship: Parada vs Rocketboy Wilson

Photo: AWF

Parada won the Unleashed Title from his bitter rival C-Lassic last time out at Dire Consequences and he faces Rocketboy who has come close multiple times to winning AWF Gold. A champion in SoCal, Wilson has an unorthodox style but so does Parada. The now two-time Unleashed Champion talked his way into the Unleashed Title Match at Dire Consequences and got the final pin. “Baby Girl” eliminated Rocketboy first in that match, and Wilson is seeking revenge.

AWF Women’s Championship: Leslie Iris vs Viva Van

Photo: AWF

Iris has been dominant as Champion after vanquishing Mystiq last time out and now steps into the ring with Viva Van. We’ve seen Viva as the brutal frontwoman of WARBEAST and more recently in Hollywood. Now she arrives in the Grand Canyon State looking to dethrone the second generation star which as we’ve seen is a tall order. Iris is very intelligent and patiently works through her move set to maximize impact. Viva Van is an accurate striker and has smooth technique typical from Santino Bros alums. Her strikes are clean and accurate and continue to grow in confidence in each match. Iris though shows no sign of letting her AWF Title go anytime soon. She learned a lot from her feud with Mystiq and survived a great deal of turmoil with the challenger to come away victorious.

AWF Heavyweight Championship: Gabriel Gallo (c) vs WATSON

Photo: AWF

BOTH THESE GUYS! BOTH THESE GUYS! What a match-up. After the ”Hellhound” Gabriel Gallo defeated his arch nemesis Navajo Warrior Arizona State Champion WATSON came out to congratulate his teacher, but things aren’t always as they appear. WATSON held the AWF Title as Gallo attempted to leave and it was clear what the young man wanted. A shot at Gallo’s belt. The match was made official soon after and now WATSON enters what he said “is for sure one of the biggest matches in my short career if not THE biggest.” He continued, “It’s a culmination of everything I’ve ever worked for since walking through those AWF doors. Gallo has been the standard bearer in AZ for almost 2 decades. His track record speaks for itself. He has all the respect in the world from me, but every Alpha Wolf gets dethroned before it’s all over and it’s about time AZ opens the gates for a new wave.” WATSON is ready and based on my conversations with him he clearly understands what’s at stake in this contest, but Gabriel Gallo hasn’t been on top for nothing. It will take the best ever from the challenger to defeat the Hellhound, but the youngster has been through much to get here and believes his time is now.





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