#WrestleManiaWeek Preview – Pizza Party Wrestling (4/3/19)

Pizza Party Wrestling will be kicking off WrestleMania week on Wednesday, April 3rd! They are holding their first ever event, mixing two of a wrestling fan’s favorite things: pizza and wrestling. There will be plenty of cheesy goodness to be had, whether it be on a plate or in the ring.

Russel K. Best vs. Matt Vertigo vs. Zacky Strutts vs. Champagne Douglas vs. Everett Cross vs. Van Valley

Photo: Pizza Party Wrestling

Up first we have what’s being billed as a Delicious Scramble match! There are six competitors who will be fighting to the metaphorical death. “Mr. Hipster” Russell K. Best is best known for his work with Susquehanna Wrestling Organization (SWO). Best is familiar with a few of his opponents, including Matt Vertigo. Vertigo works for SWO as well as UWA Elite and East Coast Professional Wrestling. Joining this party is Everett Cross, the God of Drivers. Cross is one half of the tag team the Psycho Drivers with Smiley. You can see Cross at Pro Wrestling Magic and Unsanctioned Pro as well. Another SWO regular coming to the party is Vicious Van Valley. He’ll be bringing the pain and hopefully, the other competitors are ready. Joining this huge matchup will also be Zacky Strutts and Champagne Douglas.

T-Flex (w/ Jimmy Wayward) vs. Tony Deppen

Photo: Pizza Party Wrestling

SWO’s resident “Tyrannosaurus Flex”, Ezekiel James will be facing his biggest challenge to date. James is also currently undefeated, with a deadly uppercut in his repertoire. He, with his manager Jimmy Wayward at his side, will be taking on Tony Deppen. Deppen is a solid grappler and technician who works regularly all over the Northeast. He’s perhaps best known as one-third of the faction known as F.I.S.T. with Icarus and Travis Huckabee. Tony is a regular for CHIKARA, Game Change Wrestling (GCW) and Beyond Wrestling. He’s also appeared at Flex’s home promotion of SWO. Will T-Flex be able to rise to the challenge?

Four Corner Elimination Tag Match: The Atlantic City Scoundrels (Duke & Vinny) vs. Sass N’ Fury (Jeremy Leary & Skylar) vs. The Stepdads (Radley Belmont & Wade Kreuger) vs. The Ugly Ducklings (Rob Killjoy & Lance Lude) (w/ Coach Mikey)

Photo: Pizza Party Wrestling

There is also a four-corner elimination tag team match! First up with have The Atlantic City Scoundrels, Duke and Vinny. They’ve worked for promotions such as Warriors of Wrestling, Superstars of Wrestling Federation and Jersey Premier Championship Wrestling. Duke and Vinny have also tangled with another of the teams involved here, The Stepdads. Radley Belmont and Wade Krueger are your stereotypical sitcom stepdads of wrestling. They compete across the Northeast and regularly for Truly Independent Wrestling and New York Championship Wrestling. Belmont and Radley are also the current NYCW Tag Team Champions. The Ugly Ducklings will be represented by Lance Lude and Rob Killjoy and accompanied by Coach Mikey. The stable has worked up and down the Eastern seaboard and in the Midwest. Sass ‘N’ Fury is the final team in this match. They are comprised of the hot scoop, Skylar and the best hair in wrestling, Jeremy Leary.

Faye Jackson vs. “The Kentucky Copperhead” Brad Rush

Photo: Pizza Party Wrestling

Faye Jackson will be in action! She is cute in the face and thick in the waist! The ROH dojo graduate is just three years into her wrestling career, but already making a big impact. She just returned from a tour of Germany with Westside Xtreme Wrestling (wXw). Faye is also the current Brii Combination Wrestling Women’s Champion. Her opponent is Brad Rush, the Kentucky Copperhead. This will mark the Kentucky native’s Northeast debut. Fueled by moonshine, he’ll look to heat things up for Ms. Jackson.

Daniel Makabe vs. Fred Yehi

Photo: Pizza Party Wrestling

Daniel Makabe is a veteran from British Columbia, Canada. He is a cerebral and intelligent competitor and often shares obscure song recommendations on Twitter. Makabe works mostly for 3-2-1 Battle in Seattle and Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling (ECCW) in Vancouver. He has been slowly stretching his resume working for a couple of mid-west promotions in February, and now working Mania weekend in the NY/NJ area. A victory over another well-travelled veteran like Fred Yehi would be a major boost. The Georgia native, Yehi, is a regular across many of the major indies such as All American Wrestling (AAW), EVOLVE, and Full Impact Pro (FIP). He also recently completed a long excursion in Europe, working for PROGRESS, wXw and Over the Top Wrestling (OTT). This one will be a grapple party!

60-Second Ironman Match: Dick Justice vs. Johnny Cockstrong

Photo: Pizza Party Wrestling

Two cult-like figures in independent wrestling will be appearing at this party as well. “Supercop” Dick Justice is from upstate New York. He’s well known across the Northeast as well as the Midwest. Justice may not be the second coming of Lou Thez, but he sure does keep people entertained. Another niche figure, Johnny Cockstrong, has called out and challenged Justice. This will be a special match, a 60-second iron man match. Cockstrong has appeared for promotions like Beyond Wrestling and 3-2-1 Battle. Many hold the 60-minute iron man match as the ultimate test of a wrestler. These two will prove that it only takes 60 seconds.

Ophidian vs. Pizza Cat (Shotzi Blackheart)

Photo: Pizza Party Wrestling

This party is going to the animals! Ophidian the Cobra is well known to members of the CHIKARArmy, as well as Beyond Wrestling fans. He’s also completed a tour of the United Kingdom to spread Snake Style across the pond. Ophidian, in addition to wrestling, he is one of the lead trainers at the Wrestle Factory. He’s now laid out the challenge to Pizza Cat (the pizza eating alter ego of Shotzi Blackheart). Pizza Cat has made select appearances across the country in the last couple of years. She’s worked for Hoodslam, Alternative Wrestling Show (AWS) and most recently Freelance Wrestling. And arguably, there is no better place for Pizza Cat to be than Pizza Party Wrestling. She’s going to have to prove to Ophidian that she’s got the pepperonis to beat him.

East London Street Fight: “The Casual” Sam Jude vs. Rory Gulak vs. KTB

Photo: Pizza Party Wrestling

The purveyors of our fair Pizza x Wrestling party were contacted by a fighter called Sam Jude. He is a proper football hooligan from East London. Jude had heard his mates talking about this party to excess and he had had enough. He threw down the challenge, for an East London Street Fight. “The Casual” Sam Jude will come across the ocean to beat down whoever answers the challenge. First answering that challenge is the amazing Rory Gulak. While Rory may seem fun-loving, he has a hardcore past as well. He is completely comfortable exercising his grappling game or his fighting ability. The last entrant is KTB, former GCW Heavyweight Champion. KTB is another wrestler who is more than comfortable in a hardcore environment. He’s gone to war with the undisputed King of hardcore wrestling, Nick Gage, and lived to fight again.

Robbie Eagles vs. Alex Zane

Photo: Pizza Party Wrestling

Our final match for this party will be can’t miss. Robbie Eagles, the Sniper of the Skies will be coming in all the way from Australia. He’s also a member of the uber-popular Bullet Club. At not even 30 years old yet, he’s a veteran of 11 years and revolutionized wrestling in his homeland. Alex Zayne is the opponent here. Despite having known each other for ten years, they have never had a match together. Zayne has been honing his skills in his native Midwest and gaining more attention. These two gifted stars will tango and create a wonderful masterpiece to cap off this party!

Pizza Party Wrestling will be one of the first events kicking off a jam-packed WrestleMania week! The action will start on Wednesday, April 3rd at 7:00 PM Eastern.

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