Report: Stacey Ervin Jr. Quits NXT

Casey of Squared Circle Sirens reported late Friday that an NXT Superstar had quit. After gathering further information, Casey reported that it looks to be athletic standout Stacey Ervin, Jr. Apparently, Ervin had a suffered a concussion scare. After recovering, he was given time to process and think things over and he ultimately made his decision after that.

On Ervin’s Twitter, he has not posted anything wrestling related since March 8th. His most recent tweets hype up an upcoming personal project. While not outwardly giving explicit details, it appears to be related to overall physical and mental wellness.

The former gymnast Stacey Ervin, Jr., received a tryout with WWE in May of 2018 and later signed a developmental deal. He made his in-ring debut on September 21st of that same year. He had also recently just made his debut on NXT television on the WWE Network. As we receive more information about Ervin’s status, we will be sure to share them.

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