Preview: Quintessential Pro Wrestling (3/14/19)

The monster wrestling weekend in the Fight Capital of the World Las Vegas, Nevada begins with Quintessential Pro Wrestling (QPW) on Thursday, March 14th at the FSW Arena 6035 Harrison Dr. Suite, 5. BELL TIME 8PM. The Main Event features two UFC legends squaring off, in the squared circle, and the man known as Papa Buck, Matthew Lee Massie, the father of the Young Bucks will be the Special Guest Ring Announcer for the evening. With Joey Ryan on the bill, could this be another All Elite Wrestling (AEW) Invasion?

RockNES Monsters (Yuma & BHK) vs Voros Twins (Chris & Patrick Voros)

Photo: QPW

Yuma and BHK recently lost their United Wrestling Network Tag Team Titles to Double Platinum and hope to rebound against the Twins. Chris and Patrick bring their aerial attack to Las Vegas and look to take down the west coast legends.

Chris Bey vs Trey Miguel

Photo: QPW

Let me go on record now and tell you this match will steal the show. It’s been a common theme in Las Vegas with Bey, and Trey Miguel is the perfect opponent to do it again. Both men throw caution to the wind and will feed off the Arena crowd. You could go either way handicapping this one. Miguel has the experience advantage, but only slightly and you can see his improvement with the Rascalz. Chris Bey’s a major west coast singles (FSW), and Tag Team Champion (UWN w/ Suede Thompson), so clearly the kid from Virginia knows how to win. Can’t wait.

Chucky on a Pole Match: Allie Parker vs Buggy Nova

Photo: QPW

Not entirely sure what this match is, but the title sounds appealing.

Heather Monroe vs Delilah Doom vs Christina Von Eerie

Three different styles clash in this triple threat. Doom and Monroe are on a roll and are gaining significant attention from the top companies, and solidified themselves as two of the top prospects in the entire country. The unpredictable and very dangerous Christina Von Eerie is a west coast veteran capable of anything.

Joey Ryan vs Priscilla Kelly

Photo: QPW

How do you analyze this match? Literally anything could happen, and with this intergender bout it probably will. There are words I should use to describe how this match could play out, but I’m not sure they’re appropriate here. It will be entertaining at worst and “The King of Sleaze” enjoys the bright lights of Sin City.

Darby Allin vs Eli Everfly

Photo: QPW

Two Aerial Assault Technicians get in the ring between flights for what should be a jaw-dropping affair. Everfly could use a high profile win and Allin is coming off beating Shane Strickland last weekend in Seattle and sending “Swerve” out a loser in his DEFY finale.

The Rascalz (Dezmond Xaver & Zachary Wentz) vs Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Luster the Legend)

Photo: QPW

These two great teams meet just days before their Triple Threat match for the FSW Tag Team Titles at MECCA IV. This match gives them a chance to size each other up before Sunday, but I don’t expect these two will play all their cards yet. It’s a Smash vs Flash matchup as neither team hides their intentions. The Rascalz want a wild highflying match and the Scum wants to beat the crap out of you. Very simple and straight-forward, and should be good.

Main Event: “Filthy” Tom Lawlor vs Josh Barnett

Photo: QPW

This one’s gonna be a war. Lawlor is the Major League Wrestling World Champion and his star in Wrestling has never been brighter. “Filthy” faces UFC/MMA Heavyweight Legend Josh Barnett in what will be a fight. Don’t expect anything resembling catch as catch can in this one. These two will throw heavy punches in a contest that may resemble barroom brawl than wrestling competition.