The RAW Highlight Rundown: The Man Comes Back Around (2/4/19) 

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Monday Night RAW is truly either hit or miss on a weekly basis, and some could even say an hourly basis. While many continue to be against the three-hour format strictly because it is too long to produce a quality product for three hours a week, it continues to be the flagship show. Fans come and go when it comes to viewing RAW, or simply wait until the clips are put on YouTube or a website sends out a review. While last night’s RAW, and many a year for the most part, wasn’t a MUST-SEE show by any means, there are always top moments. Here is the top three moments of RAW this week, and the shows MVP. Enjoy.

Becky Lynch Comes Back Around, Gets Suspended

Last night, “The Man” Becky Lynch was welcomed back to Monday Night RAW by a McMahon. Stephanie started off RAW in the middle of the ring, welcoming everyone to the show like she usually does. And before she could even finish her introduction, the Man’s music hit, and she was welcomed by a roaring reaction. More noticeable than last week however, her limp in her bad knee caused the entrance to take a bit longer. As she got in the ring, Stephanie was on Lynch’s side, saying how she was on her side after what Ronda did to her last year at WrestleMania. However, it came to the knee. And Becky became worrisome. Becky said that she isn’t who they wanted to rise up and take the lead in this Women’s Evolution, she wasn’t hand chosen – much like Daniel Bryan wasn’t heading into WrestleMania 30. Becky Lynch can’t accept being put on the shelf again, being taken away from the biggest match of her career against Ronda Rousey. Lynch deserves this spot and it is quite clear the fans agree. As a result of not wanting to meet with a doctor, Stephanie suspended Becky Lynch, which resulted in anger from the Man. Becky told her ahead of time she was not going to be responsible for her actions, taking down Stephanie with a flurry of punches. Yet, when she attempted to apply the Dis-Arm-Her, her knee buckled. Lynch would be escorted out by the doctors and referees, leading to a quick face to face with Ronda. It was all Ronda here, ending their face to face with a simple “Ice and Advil, bitch.” It was a hot start to RAW to say the least with The Man kicking it all off.

Balor and Rush Put On A Show 

Last week, it was tweeted out that Finn Balor would be getting an Intercontinental Championship match this week on RAW. As a bandaged-up Finn Balor got to the ring, Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush headed to the ring. And for the first time in a long time Bobby Lashley spoke. He said in no way does he deserve a championship match and he won’t be getting one because he couldn’t even beat Brock Lesnar. Bobby stated that he could beat Lesnar in a ring, an octagon, in any situation because he is simply better (it is becoming clear Bobby Lashley will stir the pot with Lesnar until he gets his match). So instead, Finn was told he had to impress Bobby against his buddy, Lio Rush. After a Bobby beat down, the match was on. For those who don’t watch 205 Live, this was a nice treat for you. Lio Rush is one of the most impressive in-ring talents in the world and getting a match against Finn Balor was pretty cool. Lots of fast paced action here, including a bottom rope springboard stunner by Rush that we all missed due to him completely faking out the camera man which was awesome. Rush would go for his signature splash from the top and miss of course, getting caught by Finn in the corner and eventually losing via Coup de Grace. If there is a match to go back and watch, it’s this one. Fun stuff.

Top One Percent meets a Lunatic 

In a non-announced “Moment of Bliss”, Alexa Bliss had none other than the Top One Percent, EC3, as the guest of her show. It was the first time that EC3 was out in front of the live crowd since being called up. Of course, before EC3 could get a word out on which show he’d be choosing, per usual Nia Jax and Tamina came out to ruin a segment. She wanted to make the point how her last week should be celebrated rather than Rumble winners, Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch. And finally, Dean Ambrose comes out to save the day. While Ambrose may be on his way out, he can still be a professional and give some entertaining television. Ambrose said he gets that Nia is attracted to him, but she has to stop and move on. Yes, kind of weird with his wife Renee Young twenty feet away but that isn’t important. What is important is when his attention turned towards EC3. He told Alexa that he would take over the interview, except he would not allow for EC3 to get a word out. Ambrose would even go to ask what happened to “EC1 and EC2”. This would lead to EC3 striking Ambrose, heading to the ring for an impromptu match between the two. And in his debut match, EC3 defeated Dean Ambrose. While yes Ambrose is leaving, this is still a huge victory for EC3 on his first night essentially. It is clear EC3 is ready to be in the top percent of the WWE.


RAW MVP: It’s Bayley 

Photo: Raw

It feels that every member of wrestling’s Four Horsewomen has been in the news lately, except for Bayley. Despite being the most popular member in NXT, Bayley has been terribly forgotten since losing the RAW Women’s Championship all the way back in 2017. In 2018, Bayley was teaming and feuding with Sasha in a cycle that was to lead to fighting for the Women’s Tag Team Championships which were not introduced until 2019. It has essentially been a lost two years for one half of the Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection. However, last night, Bayley stepped up. After having a competitive match with Ronda Rousey last week on RAW, Bayley continued a competitive streak essentially winning a spot in the Elimination Chamber for the Women’s Tag Team Championships alone with Sasha Banks ailing from injury. Bayley had a fantastic performance and saw her success finally come back, and after a great moment between these two best friends with Sasha hugging Bayley after her incredible efforts, the favorites for the Tag Team Championships finally have their opportunity.

While last night’s RAW wasn’t the best we have ever seen, a lot of stories moved forward and a former Women’s Champion returned to glory. Make sure to look out for the Smackdown Live Recap tomorrow!


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