Preview: Breed Pro Wrestling SuNDAY NiGHT YeET (2/10/19)

Sheffield’s newest promotion Breed Pro Wrestling has its debut show where they will crown the first ever Breed Pro Wrestling champion. We will also have the first round of the New Breed tournament, a qualifier for the Woman Of Steel championship match and a totally not fun trios match featuring the Anti Fun Police.  Breed has the chance to kick off their story with a BANG!

Match 1: Anti Fun Police (Chief Deputy Dunne & Los Federales Santos Jr.) & Garda Reserve Martina vs More Than Hype (LJ Cleary, Darren Kearney & Nathan Martin)

Photo: Breed Pro

The three bleh bois from More Than Hype (MTH) are a fun young trio of best friends that are trying to make their name in wrestling.  They put on a lot of entertaining matches as they have really good chemistry and are always coming up with new moves and combinations.  While they are a fun team they come up against the fun killers, Deputy Dunne will make sure that MTH has NO FUUNNNNAAAHHHHH in this match.  Dunne is backed up by his second in command Santos Jr who is always an X-factor with his unmatched combination of strength and agility.  The final member of the fun killing squad is Garda Reserve Martina, all too familiar with the rough flats of inner city Dublin she knows exactly how to deal with fun-loving troublemakers.  Can the young MYH boys have some fun and win the match or will the AFP and their new recruit snuff out the fun.

Photo: Breed Pro

Match 2: New Breed Tournament: Omari vs Alec Mikaels

Mikaels gets to wrestle in his hometown of Sheffield on arguably the biggest show of his career.  He has been working away on lower level indies so far in his career and will be looking to make the absolute most of this chance against one of the scene’s hottest prospects.  The future of Fight Club: Pro Omari is a highly rated prospect.  Standing at 6 ft 4 he is an imposing figure who uses every bit of that reach to his advantage.  He’s had famous victories against Keith Lee in FCP and has been fending off Schadenfreude alongside British Strong Style and Meiko Satomura in recent months.  Mikaels faces a big challenge as he takes on FCP’s golden boy in his hometown with the hopes of a city on his shoulders

Match 3: New Breed Tournament: Maverick Mayhew vs Connor Mills

A year on from tearing the roof off the Dome for PROGRESS Mills and Mayhew will collide in the New Breed tournament.  In 2018 Mayhew and Mills started the year off by proving they belonged on the big stage against each other and then teamed together on the road to an appearance at PROGRESS Wembley.  To say they know each other very well is an understatement.  Whether it’s as opponents or as a team Mayhew and Mills get better and better every time they step in the ring.  The whole point of the New Breed tournament is for young talents to prove that British Wrestling has a deep and talented pool of wrestlers and there are no two talents that can do that better than Maverick Mayhew and Connor Mills.

Match 4: Woman Of Steel Qualifier: Eliza Roux vs Shax vs Candyfloss vs Jayde

Photo: Breed Pro

Woman of steel is the name of Breed’s women’s championship.  The winner of this and the next three women’s matches in Breed will be involved in a mini-tournament in May to crown the first ever Woman Of Steel champion.  Candyfloss is easily the most recognisable name in here, she has toured Stardom, competed on NXT UK and been on PROGRESS chapter shows in the past.  The energetic and brightly coloured youngster would have to be considered the favorite.  Roux is a name on the rise, she has competed for Preston City Wrestling and Tidal Wrestling and had one of TNT‘s best matches of the year with Xia Brookside she has even faced Rosemary for the TNA Knockouts championship.  This qualifier will give Roux a chance to continue building her name in the scene.  Shax is trained in part by the famous Knight family meaning she has regularly worked for Bellatrix and World Association of Wrestling to help her development.  In 2017 and 2018 she started to get more bookings outside those two companies becoming a regular with Southside Wrestling Entertainment and even wrestling for PROGRESS, RISE, IPW:UK and Riptide.  Trained by the best and becoming one to watch Shax could be the dark horse in this match.  The “Poison Princess” Jayde is an interesting addition to the match.  Another performer on the card who has is on the verge of a bit of a break out year she has a good character and an interesting look.  Four women will do battle here to earn the right to eventually lose to Raven Creed but all of them will be desperate to prove themselves.

Photo; Breed Pro

Match 5: Breed Pro Championship Tournament: TK Cooper vs Man Like Beano

Photo: Breed Pro

The Man Like Beano is one of the many Welsh talents just waiting to break out right now.  Beano seems to be a bit of a throwback with a very British style but he can mix it up and throw in some modern aspects aswell. He faces a man from the other side of the world who has made his name in the UK.  TK Cooper made his name in PROGRESS as one part of The South Pacific Power Trip where he and Travis Banks stole many a show before Banks becoming a singles star.  Since then Cooper has been making his mark in a lot of promotions across the UK.  Both Beano and Cooper will need a win here.

Match 6: Breed Pro Championship Tournament: Chuck Mambo vs El Phantasmo

Photo: Breed Pro

The headbanga El Phantasmo has brought his high flying ways from Canada and made a name for himself in the UK.  He’s a regular for some of the biggest promotions in the UK like ATTACK!, Fight Club: Pro and Revolution Pro Wrestling he’s wrestled for almost every other name promotion in the UK and is always popular no matter where he goes.  His opponent Chuck Mambo has similarly been a regular for some big promotions in the UK like PROGRESS, Riptide Wrestling and ATTACK! Both men in this match have been quite successful so far in their careers which are still on the rise.  Capturing the Breed championship and leading this brand into the future would be a good feather in either’s cap as they continue to move up into the spaces left available with NXT UK signings.

Match 7: Breed Pro Championship Tournament: Lucky Kid  vs Spike Trivet

Photo: Breed Pro

Spike Trivet is on the verge of a breakout in the UK.  Smaller and mid-level indies have been using him as a main event talent for the last year but as the leader of Do Not Resuscitate in PROGRESS, he will have a big year in 2019.  While he is a talented young performer it has to be asked has he ever faced anything like Lucky Kid?  Kid is something of an enigma, he is a character and a strange one at that.  He once shared a ring with Hiromu Takahashi and it was hard to distinguish who was weirder int hat match.  Not only does he have some unique traits he is a good wrestler who made his name in the UK in 2018 after years wrestling mostly in Germany.  An interesting matchup between two very different types of wrestlers

Match 8: Breed Pro Championship Tournament: Danny Jones vs Chris Ridgeway

Photo: Breed Pro

This isn’t the first encounter between Jones and Ridgeway as they faced off in Dragon Pro Wrestling just a few months ago.  Two guys with clear influences from Japan as Jones has been to Japan and Ridgeway has made it clear that wrestling in Japan is a dream for him.  Everything Jones learned with All Japan Pro Wrestling will be put to the test against the Hard As F**k shoot style Ridgeway.  In true Fighting Spirit fashion, we should see these two hit each other as hard as possible until one man cannot go anymore.  With the stylistic similarities and similar ideologies, these two will surely steal the show and deliver a match that both men can be proud of.

Match 9: Breed Pro Championship

Photo: Breed Pro

The winners of the four tournament matches will go into a fatal four way match to determine the first ever Breed champion.  My prediction for this would be Ridgeway vs Spike vs Man Like Beano vs El Phantasmo with Ridgeway coming out on top.