#AndNEW: Electro Wins IWA PR World Championship

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The self-proclaimed “new face,” Electro started with a bang in 2019. The youngest of the heel stable, Puro Macho, became the new International Wrestling Association World Champion.

IWA PR is back on the island and yesterday they were in the second night of their three-day tour. On Manatí, a new IWA World Championship was going to be crowned, and it featured four solid stars. In one corner, former Lucha Underground star Mil Muertes (El Mesias), in the other, multiple time IWA World Champion, Apolo. In the other two corners, Puro Macho had two of their stars competing for the grand prize, former World Wrestling League Champion, Mr. BIG, and young up-and-comer Electro. At the end of the night, Electro had beaten two of the main pillars of IWA PR and one of his stablemates. The latter was pinned by Electro and stormed out of the ring.

On this year list of stars that would break out in 2019 in Puerto Rico, Electro was on the number two spot. He had shown significant improvements and promoters were all over him for this year. Winning the IWA PR World Championship has made Electro a leading star in the returning company. Moreover, IWA PR broke the tradition by going with a young star such as him and not giving their title to legendary stars like El Mesias, Apolo or even Mr.BIG.

The New Face 

Electro started wrestling in 100% Lucha. When WWL had their big push in 2017, Electro and 100% Lucha favorite Khris Diaz were inserted into the heel stable. The now IWA PR World Champion started to take higher risks and wowed everybody with his incredible athleticism. They, alongside PMS, won the WWL Trios Championship and had a long run in 2018. It wasn’t until some hardcore matches with Noel Rodriguez (an IWA Original and son of the legendary Victor the Bodyguard) that Electro caught the eye of many fans outside WWL.

After such performances, Electro was inserted into a fatal four way on December to determine the number one contender for the WWL Heavyweight, and he won. Later that night, he took WWL Champion BJ to the extreme but came out on the losing end. CWA then invited Electro to compete against former EVOLVE Champion Shane Strickland in Christmas Showdown and once again, won the match (it also involved Lynx). Now, 2019 seems to be smiling to Electro, and now IWA PR has a young star to build on.