SHE’S BACK: Rosemary Returns at Homecoming to Begin “Dark War”


At tonight’s IMPACT Homecoming PPV, following Su Yung and Allie‘s victory over Jordynne Grace and Keira Hogan, Rosemary made her long-awaited return to IMPACT to confront her former best friend and the Undead Bride who destroyed her a year ago.

Rosemary Returns at Homecoming to Begin “Dark War”

Earlier in the day, Rosemary had tweeted about her former “Bunny”‘s choices of late, and made mention of a “dark war”.

Following the announcement that IMPACT would broadcast simultaneously on Twitch on Friday nights, The Demon Assassin made mention again of this Dark War, as Rosemary looks to reclaim Allie’s soul and vanquish Su Yung from the IMPACT Universe of the Multiverse forever.

While she made a brief cameo in October at Bound For Glory ’18, helping Allie and Keira Hogan escape the Undead Realm, Rosemary hasn’t been inside an IMPACT ring since the May 3, 2018 episode of IMPACT Wrestling.

It was on that episode that The Demon Assassin was finally defeated by Su Yung. The following week, her body was burned and the demon inside her returned to the Shadow while they built a new “meat suit” (Rosemary had suffered an ACL injury the previous week and would require surgery).

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