Preview: CWA Christmas Showdown 2018 (12/16/2018)

Championship Wrestling Association presents this Sunday arguably their most important event in history. The company that started in the small town of Comerio in the mountains – will present Christmas Showdown in the Puerto Rico Convention Center. While CWA has worked hard to earn their spot as the number two wrestling promotion in Puerto Rico, the Sunday show will represent their most significant step yet.

While wrestlers like Jay Lethal, Roderick Strong, Lio Rush, Caristico have wrestled for the company, Christmas Showdown will gather the most significant international names in history in the company. The first announcement was “The Villian” Marty Scurll. They later turned the heat with the publication of Matt Sydal, Shane Strickland, oVe, Tessa Blanchard and NWA World Champion Nick Aldis. But, their most significant announcement came with two locals. The official dream match, Mesias (Mil Muertes) vs. Mecha Wolf 450 was announced for CWA Christmas Showdown 2018. Although CWA had a big fight over the rights of the match with former WWE announcer Hugo Savinovich, Jerry Orsini – part owner of CWA – was able to cut a deal to have the match on the Convention Center.

The other big match will be Star Roger putting his CWA Championship on the line against Justin Dynamite in a two out of three falls match. The latter has been deemed as the future of CWA, but the self-proclaimed “King” has been playing dirty to keep his historic 700+ day reign. As we do on Last Word on Pro Wrestling, here’s a rundown of the major card:

Colt Cabana vs. Mike Nice

Photo: CWA

Colt Cabana wrestled in the mid-2000s for the International Wrestling Association. Later, he wrestled for Puerto Rico Wrestling Association. The Ring of Honor star returns to the island against young CWA star Mike Nice. The latter is a former CWA Intercontinental Championship and is looking for a breath-taking match to elevate his stock in the company.

CWA Acción Vibrante Championship Rumble (First Champion Will Be Crown)

Photo: CWA

The Accion Vibrante Championship is the fourth singles championship in CWA. Most of the roster not-included in other matches in the card will fight in this rumble. The big name of the match is Danny Cruxiel, trained by Star Roger and talented talker. Other names that stand out are the guys from the D.O.I.T. faction – who can run circles in any match – and Kelony a big prospect in CWA.

Mask vs. Hair: Fast Foward vs. Rodrigo Garcia

Photo: CWA

Fast Foward was part of Rodrigo Garcia‘s Cuban faction. But disagreements and betrayals made this feud the center of attention. Garcia became the hottest heel in CWA with his anti-Puerto Rican rhetoric and his Cuban gimmick. The match will be more of a filler than anything else; fans aren’t investing much on it. Is not Garcia’s fault, is more of CWA not knowing what to do with him.

CWA Puerto Rican Championship: Akiles Falcon vs. Edwin Garcia (C)(Christmas Street Fight) 

Photo: CWA

Edwin Garcia is the on-screen authority figure in CWA. He’s also the CWA Puerto Rican Champion and has the former champion in his face challenging for the title. Akiles Falcon is one of the CWA-Originals, a man that has held the main titles in the company and that recently exploded in the mid-card. This match will be a bloody war that will find Garcia in another dangerous spot.

CWA Tag Team Championship: BMS vs. oVe (Dave & Jake Crist) vs. Aero Boy & Super Crazy 

Photo: CWA

BMS is Black Money Security, and their title reign has been unimpressive. Against the championship pair, there’s the first ever IWA PR Intercontinental Champion and regular in the island Super Crazy alongside Aero Boy. Moreover, the former Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Champions, Ohio Versus Everybody (oVe), are joining the party. The champions have home court advantage, but the challengers have the tremendous ability over them.

CWA Intercontinental Championship: Maxx Stardom w/ Salina de la Renta vs. DJ Z vs. Matt Cross vs. Rey Horus vs. Leinord White vs. Neixen 

Photo: CWA

Mayhem is the only word that can describe this match. Top indie wrestlers from around the world will battle for the Intercontinental Championship that Major League Wrestling star Maxx Stardom (aka Ricky Martinez) holds. The latter has found new light with the help of Salina de la Renta. Hera great charisma is why Stardom has a stranglehold on the mid-card of CWA. DJ Z and Matt Cross are debuting in the island, while Rey Horus is returning – he had a series of matches against Mecha Wolf 450 in WWC. Leinord White is the former champion, and desperately need a win while Neixen will have the test of his life in front of him.

Shane Strickland vs. Electro vs. Lynx 

Photo: CWA

Shane Strickland was initially scheduled to face CWA Champion Star Roger. The future WWE Superstar is debuting on the island against two talented locals. Lynx, who is one half of the famous Los Fugitivos tag team, challenge the former EVOLVE Champion. Later, rising WWL star and WWL Trios Champion, Electro, was inserted in such match. This match can be a show stealer; the three men bring a great ability to turn up the heat in the middle of the show.

CWA Women’s Championship (First Champion Will Be Crown): Tessa Blanchard vs. Zeuxis 

Impact Wrestling Knockout Champion and 3rd Generation star, Tessa Blanchard, makes her debut in Puerto Rico. On the other edge, Puerto Rican native-turn-CMLL wrestler Zeuxis will finally wrestle in front of her family. The two former Mae Young Classic participants will collide to become the first even CWA Women’s Champion. Although Puerto Rico is not known for its women’s wrestling, this match will be an excellent start to elevate such division. Zeuxis’ Lucha Libre will mix well against the technical savvy Blanchard.

NWA World Heavyweight Championship: Nick Aldis (c) vs. Billy Gunn 

Photo: CWA

The NWA World Heavyweight Championship returns to the island, and the red-hot Nick Aldis will defend against the former DeGeneration X member and WWE Superstar Billy Gunn. Although fans wanted a local to challenge for the Ten Pounds of Gold, this match will set a precedent for another title defense in the future on the island. The National Wrestling Alliance agreed to an alliance with CWA.

Marty Scurll vs. Matt Sydal 

Photo: CWA

An exhibition of the new talent that CWA is bringing to the island, Marty Scurll is finally debuting in Puerto Rico and his going against a familiar opponent. The is an ROH vs. Impact Wrestling match has happened before, in the War of the Worlds tour, back in 2017, Matt Sydal faced Scurll for the ROH World TV Championship. Now, in CWA, the pair will surely recreate the magic in the ring in front of a huge crowd.

Mecha Wolf 450 vs. Mesias (Ricky Banderas)

Photo: CWA

What makes this match so intriguing on the island? Well, think of it of the Puerto Rican version of Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Kazuchika Okada. Although the latter has years of wrestling classic behind, is no doubt that their the best natives in their country going at it. In Puerto Rico, Mecha Wolf 450 and Mesias are the best native wrestlers, pound for pound. Both of them have huge success in the international scene, especially in Mexico, where both are key parts to their companies – Wolf with The Crash and Mesias with AAA and now CMLL – and both bring great intensity to the ring.

Mesias started with Victor Quiñones IWA Puerto Rico where he was the best wrestler, soon leaving for Mexico in AAA and becoming the face of the company and their 4x Mega Champion. Moreover, in Lucha Underground, Mesias was transformed into Mil Muertes, one of the pillars of the show that remains a favorite.

Mecha Wolf 450 was originally known as Mr.450. He wrestled for IWA Puerto Rico and World Wrestling Council, but after failing to rise in the WWC system, he packed his bags and went to the looming Chicago indie wrestling scene. In there, alongside Mustafa Ali, DJ Z and Ivelisse, 450 started to gain some recognition. He went on to wrestle in tours with All Japan Pro Wrestling and Michinoku Pro where he developed The Last of His Kind gimmick. A few classics with Star Roger, wrestling in AAA & ELITE Lucha Libre and later in The Crash Lucha Libre, winning the WWC Universal Championship, 450 became the best wrestler in Puerto Rico, period.

Mesias vs. 450 already took place in The Crash Lucha Libre. The match was solid, but it wasn’t the moment and the place to have their match, with The Crash drawing a low attendance that night. In Puerto Rico, the story is different. People are thirsty for the match, the two best wrestlers in the island, facing off in the biggest show of the year.

CWA Championship: Star Roger (c) vs. Justin Dynamite (Two-Out-Of-Three Falls) 

Photo: CWA

The main event of the evening represents the journey of the two most essential wrestlers in CWA. The company would have never got here they are today if it wasn’t for this two stars.

Star Roger was always behind as a secondary guy in World Wrestling Council, IWA PR, and WWL. The man that started as a parody of the Colon was welcomed with open arms in the relative unknown CWA. It was in December of 2016 when Roger challenged then CWA Champion Jay Lethal and defeated him to become the face of the company. Roger defended his championship against the likes of El Cuervo de Puerto Rico, Mike Mendoza, Super Crazy, DJ Z, Maxx Stardom, among others. Moreover, broke the record for the longest championship reign in Puerto Rican Wrestling history, beating Carlos Colon record of 655 days.

Justin Dynamite is the chosen one in CWA. The second generation star was in a tough place back in 2016 when he was the CWA Puerto Rican Champion and the WWL Trios Champion. He had to decide which company he would become exclusive. Dynamite took the risk and went with the unknown CWA. In Puerto Rican Championship reign he defeated WWE Superstar Leo Rush, Mike Nice, Bane, and others. After Rodrigo Garcia ending his title reign, he decided to focus on the CWA Championship. His speed and fresh face made him the most popular star in the roster. He’s practically the next-big-thing.

Dynamite and Roger were the top two faces in CWA, so Roger betrays the young star and now calls himself the king. Dynamite has been screwed every time that he has faced Roger, so fans are ready to explode if Justin wins. The match will be in the main event over Wolf vs. Mesias because it represents the legacy of CWA and the future of the company.