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Preview: PCW ULTRA Believe (12/7/18)

PCW ULTRA returns Friday, December 7th to the ILWU Memorial Hall in Wilmington, Ca with Believe. The event will air live on Bell time is 8:30p.m. It’s a full night of entertainment for the family as pro wrestling legend Road Warrior Animal will be available for in ring photos at 4:30 with a meet and greet to follow. Three Ultra titles will be on the line when the action begins, and Believe will feature the debuts of multiple wrestlers including Taya Valkyrie, and ACH.

ACH vs Jake Atlas


Hopefully it’ll be a happy birthday when ACH makes his PCW ULTRA debut in a Number One Contender’s match against Jake Atlas. The man who turns 31 on fight night will be a huge test for Atlas who is one of the hottest prospects on the PCW ULTRA roster, and is the number one contender to the PCW ULTRA World Light Heavyweight Championship. With the resume ACH brings it’s no surprise to see him booked in the title picture immediately.

Taya Valkyrie vs Heather Monroe


It’s clear that Taya Valkyrie is chasing Tess Blanchard. She has been unable to wrestle the Knockouts belt from her and is in PCW ULTRA to do the same, but Valkyrie needs to be careful. Taya takes on Heather Monroe in the PCW ULTRA debut for both. Valkyrie would like nothing more than to get another shot at Tessa Blanchard since losing to her at IMPACT Wrestling’s Bound for Glory. The Canadian star needs to make sure she doesn’t look past Heather Monroe who’s chomping at the bit for a win after losing recently to Su Yung also on IMPACT.

Sami Callahan vs Brody King


If I was assigned as the official for this match I would announce my retirement on the spot. Nothing good can happen when Sami Callahan gets in the ring with the equally sadistic Brody King. These two monsters will be there to hurt each other, and whether or not they get their hand raised is secondary to the amount of damage they can inflict.

PCW ULTRA Tag Team Championship: Warbeast (Jacob Fatu & Josef The Almighty Sheik) (c) vs Border Patrol (Jim Kranos & Colt Stevens)


When you say the number 686 around Wilmington, CA you may see people cringe in fear. The number makes them think of something evil, and that something is Warbeast. Their reign of terror will have lasted an incredible 686 days on fight night. Warbeast are the longest reigning PCW Ultra Champions in history, singles or tag team. Led by Taskmaster Kevin Sullivan, Jacob Fatu and the Almighty Sheik will defend the titles against the Border Patrol. This will be Border Patrol’s debut in PCW ULTRA and they certainly aren’t shying away from competition taking on these two. Former Phoenix Pro Wrestling Petaluma (PPW) Heavyweight Champion Jim Kranos and Colt Stevens make their first return to the coast since 2016.

This will be a tough out for Border Patrol. I’m not sure I would’ve taken this booking even if it’s for the belts. It might’ve made more sense to get your feet wet. Warbeast isn’t your normal tag team. Fatu and the Sheik are a handful regardless, but when you have potential interference from outside it becomes too much for the opposition. You have to constantly keep your eyes out for Kevin Sullivan and the rest of his minions.

PCW ULTRA Women’s Championship: Tessa Blanchard (c) vs Delilah Doom


The ULTRA women’s championship features third generation star Tessa Blanchard locking up with Delilah Doom. Blanchard is ULTRA’s first women’s champion and won the belt in her debut against current NXT superstar Chelsea Green. On fight night Blanchard will have been champion for 217 days. Blanchard has been on a tear since arriving on the coast, and has to be sure not to look past Delilah Doom regardless of who might be on the horizon…

Eli Everfly vs Hammerstone vs Lil Cholo vs ???


PCW ULTRA confirmed that MJF is out of the Four Man Scramble match with Hammerstone, Lil Cholo, and Eli Everfly. No replacement has been named. There was a lot of anticipation for this match, but the fractured elbow the 22 year old suffered recently will put him on the shelf. He tweeted Nov. 25th “I’ve fractured my elbow. Recovery time is 4-6 weeks. The good news is I get a break from having to make eye contact with you poor fat slobs.” We love MJF. The top guy in Las Vegas, Hammerstone, becomes the favorite. He’s in a nice zone, and clicking on all cylinders. Hammerstone’s offensive game is being showcased everywhere in the ring, and this match sets up good for him. With so much confidence right now Stone is in prime position to pick up the win, but forget everything I just said if Braun Stroman is MJF’s replacement.

PCW ULTRA Heavyweight Championship: Penta El Zero M (c) vs Shane Strickland


The Super Fight, Dream Match, Classic, Match of the Year are superlatives to describe this Main Event at PCW ULTRA’s Believe. Shane “Swerve” Strickland takes his PCW ULTRA Light Heavyweight crown and moves up in weight class to challenge Heavyweight king Penta El Zero M for his PCW ULTRA Heavyweight Championship . Combat sport greats like Sugar Ray Leonard, Floyd Mayweather Jr, Conor McGregor, and more recently Daniel Cormier all moved up in weight and won gold. Swerve will attempt to do that very same thing Friday night at the expense of Penta El Zero M. This fight is a rematch from a heated contest they had in Orlando on Major League Wrestling (MLW) Fusion 6 when Strickland was the MLW World Heavyweight Champion. Swerve was victorious after Penta inadvertently spit red mist in his manager Salina De La Renta’s face. Turnabout was fair play as Strickland was a victim of the same godawful mist the week before.

In the MLW fight, both men tried not to get caught. The respect was evident throughout in the defensive contest. The bout got rigid at times since neither man took too many chances. Neither wrestler could get the other to crack which could explain why Penta tried to play the short game that night and steal the gold. Added heat and their knowledge of each other should make for a freer flowing match. Strickland is moving up to take on the Luchador, but there’s no real size disparity. This isn’t Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar. Swerve and Penta match up physically. The light heavyweight champ is an inch taller while El Zero owns the weight advantage.

Strickland walked into the ring and challenged Penta El Zero M. He is competing for his legacy. If Strickland became an ULTRA multi-division champion it would be a high mark in an already stellar wrestling career. The man from Tacoma wants to accomplish it all and he has to beat Penta El Zero M to do it. Kudos to the PCW ULTRA brass for making the Strickland-Penta match happen. We’ve seen in the past that booking champion vs champion can be difficult and we’ve seen the challenges they have in MMA and boxing. What a great way to end the year for a promotion that has pushed all the right buttons and continues to book strong cards. Watch out West Coast wrestling.


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