The Pinnacle: Lightning One and Ring of Honor Partner to Produce New Web Series Chronicling the Company’s History

Ring of Honor The Pinnacle

When David Lagana and Billy Corgan launched Ten Pounds of Gold in October 2017, the series breathed a brand new life into the NWA brand. Now, those two are looking to do the same with Ring of Honor in the new web series, “The Pinnacle,” which launched on November 26.

Titled, “Honor is Real,” the first episode, which was narrated by ROH color commentator Colt Cabana and which featured interviews from Christopher Daniels, Ian Riccaboni, Flip Gordon, Jay Lethal, the Briscoes, Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian, took things back to 2002 when a new age of professional wrestling began. As Riccaboni noted, there was a void back then as people who were used to going back and forth between WWE and WCW, now only had one promotion to watch. In some ways, the arrival of ROH the year after WCW shut down, offered another alternative, one that as Cabana said in his narration, “centered on pure wrestling competition and honor.”

Serving as an introduction to the promotion and its history, “Honor is Real” focused on some of the elements that truly make Ring of Honor a unique promotion. The episode talked about the code of honor, which is still enforced to this day, ROH as a proving ground and starting point for many of the most successful wrestlers in WWE, the company’s forefathers, guys like Low-Ki, Bryan Danielson and Christopher Daniels, and just what the letters ROH mean to the men and women who had had the opportunity to work under that banner over the past 16 years.

“I feel like sometimes professional wrestling is its own worst enemy and people concentrate on the negatives of professional wrestling,” Daniels said. “But for me when I heard the name or when I hear the name Ring of Honor, when I hear those letters – ROH, I think about the very best parts of professional wrestling.”

On their youtube page, ROH described the episode as such:

Ring of Honor Wrestling proudly presents the new digital series The Pinnacle. This series will explore the ROH wrestlers and their stories of what it took to reach the top of Ring of Honor.

ROH Wrestling’s The Pinnacle is produced by Lightning One – the team behind NWA Ten Pounds of Gold. As ROH Final Battle 2018 rapidly approaches, Episode 1 starts at the very beginning of Ring of Honor. From the very first ROH event, “The Era of Honor Begins” the story explores the impact that wrestlers like Bryan Danielson (aka Daniel Bryan), Low Ki, Christopher Daniels, CM Punk, Samoa Joe, Tyler Black (aka Seth Rollins), Eddie Guerrero and more had on the promotion.

Current stars like ROH World Champion Jay Lethal, Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, Scorpio Sky, Flip Gordon, The Briscoes share their insight on the Code of Honor, the legends of Ring of Honor, and the importance of ROH in their lives.

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