Indie Watch: Los Ingobernable Rush Is Coming To America

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Indie Watch is our regular series that looks at all of the amazing talents working the independent circuits around the world. Some are veterans revitalizing their careers, some are indie prospects hitting their peaks, while others are names to be on the watch for! This edition looks at a Mexican sensation who has finally branched out and is looking to enter the US scene, the co-founder of Los Ingobernables, Rush.

Los Ingobernables original, Rush, is getting a lot of exposure in the United States. The second generation star and brother of Dragon Lee and Mistico II is slowly conquering America.

From the Independents to El Ingobernable

Rush wrestled regularly for IWRG, an independent promotion in Mexico. CMLL scouts were impressed by him and his whole family, and Rush was signed by Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre. Rush, although very young, started to get a giant push, even winning the CMLL World Light Heavyweight Championship.

In the coming years, Rush would start big rivalries against the leader of La Peste Negra, Negro Casas, El Terrible and YOSHI-HASHI. During that run, Rush won the CMLL World Tag Team Championships, the CMLL World & National Trios Championship and at least three Lucha de Apuestas. Everything was going well for the young star.

Critics started to point out the lack of ability of Rush. Moreover, his push seemed to be exaggerated. But, things would change, when Rush formed a Rudo partnership with La Sombra. Los Indeseable started their unruly ways and would later be called Los Ingobernables. La Mascara and New Japan Pro Wrestling star, Tetsuya Naito, joined the faction and started a revolution in Mexico and in Japan. Los Ingobernables did whatever they wanted and ran circles around the establishment and the status quo. While many wrestlers were interested in fame and championships, Los Ingobernables fell more joy in inflicting chaos in every show they wrestled.

El Toro Blanco is on the Rise

Many of the original Los Ingobernables would transition in different facets. La Sombra joined WWE and became Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas. He went on to win the NXT Championship and has since joined SmackDown Live. La Mascara was later fired for being involved in the destruction of Ultimo Guerrero‘s car after the death of Brazo de Oro. Tetsuya Naito would form the hot stable in NJPW, Los Ingobernables de Japon. While every member has gone different ways, Rush stayed in CMLL, gaining recognition and becoming the hottest rudo in the company.

Recently, Rush has started to appear in high profile United States wrestling promotions. Major League Wrestling (MLW) debuted El Toro Blanco in their tapings in Chicago. He had the loudest reaction at the taping and, in the process, defeated AAA Cruiserweight Champion, Sammy Guevara. Moreover, Rush is scheduled to wrestle at the Ring of Honor TV tapings on December. There’s no denying that Rush is the next big thing from Mexico. He’s nothing we have ever seen, he’s tall, muscular and brings a magnetic heel persona that gets a lot of eyes on the product. His ruthless, Ingobernable personas, as Naito, is a unique talent that makes him a must-have wrestler. In the upcoming months, we will see more from the Most Hated Man in Mexico.

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