Preview: Newy Pro Seventh Anniversary (10/27/18)

Newcastle Pro Wrestling is celebrating seven years of business, with their Seventh Anniversary Halloween Show. Coming off the Newy Pro Rumble, which saw Jackson Kelly win the Rumble and claim his title shot, the Anniversary event is looking to be a top to bottom solid show. With an action packed six person tag, a heavyweight title match, a retirement match, and more, Newy Pro will be the highlight of the weekend for New South Wales wrestling.

Jack Bonza vs. Big Fudge

Big Fudge…is amazing. His comedy doesn’t bring matches down, but rather adds to them. His technical prowess is somewhat underrated due to his gimmick, but he’s great nonetheless. Bonza is another one that can go. He’s great in between the ropes, and understands his character well enough to know when to appeal to the crowd for boos, and when to refrain. These two will have an entertaining match. Recently, Bonza ripped off Big Fudge’s mask, which clearly left Fudge in a state of disarray. Now, these two men will meet to look to settle their differences.
Prediction: Big Fudge

Dazza vs. Headhunter Rig

Photo: Newy Pro

Dazza and Rig are both strong fellows, and will be looking to outmuscle the other. Dazza, a relative newcomer, to Newcastle Pro Wrestling, defeated Rig back in July, and so now Rig is looking to get revenge on his loss. While this will be a fun one, look for Headhunter Rig to get the win in this one, and to set up a third match between these two, to payoff the feud down the line.
Prediction: Headhunter Rig

JT Robinson’s Retirement Challenge

Photo: Newy Pro

JT Robinson has had a stipulation for Newy Pro for several months, that if he lost a match he would have to retire. For this show, he is allowed to pick his own opponent, and on top of that, if he wins, the retirement stipulation will be revoked in his future matches. Robinson has said that has not chosen a scrub, but rather, the best there is. While Robbie Eagles, who is no stranger to Newy Pro, would be the first one to come to mind, he is in Japan this weekend, so it won’t be him. Look for Mikey Broderick to answer the call, and for Robinson to finally rid himself of his looming retirement.
Prediction: JT Robinson

Mick Moretti vs. “Tuff Stuff” Ricky South in an I Quit Match

So these two guys can go. This match will be wall to wall bonkers. Both men have rambunctious gimmicks, are underrated as in ring wrestlers, and are insanely creative, so this match has a chance to steal the show. It will feature lots of comedy, high spots, and no noubt a big time finish. South cost Moretti a title mach earlier in the year, and Moretti just hasn’t let it go, so finally these two will settle things.
Prediction: Ricky South

SMS (SnapChad & Unsocial Jordan) vs. The Babes (Matty Wahlberg & Carter Deams)

Photo: Newy Pro

After SMS has had some issues, SnapChad has returned, and is very clearly on the side of Unsocial Jordan after assisting him attack Kyle Fletcher at PWA Colosseum. Carter Deams also has recently returned, and so these factions, two of the most significant in New South Wales, will be facing off. While the match itself should be very good—Unsocial Jordan is very underrated—in the end, SnapChad will not only get the victory for his team, but will pin Wahlberg, the current Newy Pro Middleweight Champion, to earn himself a title shot down the line.
Prediction: SMS

Juan Direction (Funny Juan, Giant Juan, & Tough Juan w/ Romantic Juan) vs. The Velocities (Paris De Silva & Jude London) & Mystery Partner

This six person tag so far is featuring all babyfaces, so look for this one to be all fun. The Velocities are a fantastic tag team, the perfect highflying duo that adds to any card they’re on, and have become a staple of New South Wales wrestling. Juan Direction is…amazing, simply amazing. These four masked men sing and dance their way to the ring, and can wrestle too. This one will have awesome high spots, comedy, and a surprise mystery partner. Look for Mat Diamond, another top tier high flyer, to be the mystery partner here, and to join the Velocities to round out this terrific opening bout.
Prediction: Juan Direction

 Newy Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship: Mat Rogers (c) vs. Jackson Kelly

Photo: Newy Pro

Kelly and his Beach Bums dogged Rogers at the Newy Pro Rumble duing his Title versus Title match against Matty Wahlberg. Kelly ended up winning the Rumble via shenanigans, and is looking to make good on that opportunity. Full Force Mat Rogers is massive and strong, and will be looking to use his power to punish Jackson for all the trouble he’s caused him. Jackson isn’t small either though, so expect this one to be a classic heavyweight fight. It’s a guarantee that Kelly’s cronies will interfere, and ultimately, they’ll be too much for Rogers. Look for Kelly to steal this one.
Prediction: Jackson Kelly

Photo: Newy Pro


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