Preview: PWSA War Games (10/27/18)

Pro Wrestling South Australia in Adelaide, South Australia, is presenting their next show this Halloween weekend, War Games XII. PWSA runs weekly shows, and peaks for big events like this one, which will feature a four on four Battlefield Rumble match, between ring veterans trying to teach some young guns a lesson. In addition, there will be the main event of the show, a PWSA Championship bout, between the defending title holder, Matt Hayter, and his challenger, Ritchie Taylor. Both men have been getting more and more buzz on the internet in recent months, so it’s anticipation has shaped up quite nicely. Not to mention, Round 2 of PWSA versus Adrenaline Pro Wrestling (APW). Let’s run down what PWSA has in store this Saturday:

Acid Haze vs. Jayson Krash

Photo: PWSA

Adrenaline Pro Wrestling from Melbourne, Victoria ran a show two weeks ago in Melbourne, which saw three bouts featuring a competitor from APW against a competitor from PWSA. APW won two of those three bouts, but now the shoe is on the other foot. Krash, representing APW, lost to PWSA’s Michael Weaver at APW’s Never in Your Wildest Dreams, but is looking to avenge that loss by being a conquering invader. Look for Acid Haze to put up a fight, but in the end, Krash will steal on here in enemy turf.
Prediction: Jayson Krash

Lil Onyxxx vs. Zane Zodiac

Photo: PWSA

This is a rematch of Never in Your Wildest Dreams, where Zodiac was able to pull it out for the home team. Onyxxx will be looking for revenge, and to even things up for PWSA on the night. Look for some fun, innovative spots between these two, but also look for this one to be a little more personal than their last bout, so don’t be surprised when this turns into a brawl. Ultimately, Onyxxx will get his win back here, tying up the evening’s interpromotional contests at one a piece.
Prediction: Lil Onyxxx

PWSA Tag Team Championship Match: Beauty and the Beast (Jaxx L Radic & Colossus) (c) vs. Luxurious Collective (Michael Weaver & Jonathan Corvidae)

Photo: PWSA

Beauty and the Beast is coming off of a successful title defense against Mexican Space Typhoon at Friday Night Fights last week, while the newly formed team of Weaver and Corvidae will be challenging for the belts for the first time. This match will feature some big power spots, especially from “Heavy Set Violence” Michael Weaver, and will showcase some classic tag team wrestling, considering this will be the only regular tag team match on the card. With the Luxurious Collective being so new, expect them to walk away with the belts, but Beauty and the Beast won’t take that lying down, so look for a rematch down the road.
Prediction: Luxurious Collective

Battlefield Match: Veterans Club (John E Radic, Ace Wilson, Doc Kinkaid, & Reilly St James) vs. The Academy (Duke Marshall, Tyler Odyssey, Twisted J, and Brandon Black)

Photo: PWSA

In this Battlefield match, one person from each team will begin the bout, with one member from each team entering at two minute intervals thereafter. Once all eight men are legally entered in the match, then pinfalls and submissions can occur to end the match. The team names really tell the story: young guns trying to overcome the more experienced guys. This one will get wild. With some many guys working a brawl, expect some big time spots involving multiple wrestlers, and for the fighting to extend well into the audience. This will certainly be one of the highlights of the night, and look for Marshall, Odyssey, and Twisted Black (Black and Twisted J’s tag team) to shine in this match. In the end, the Academy will win this one, and elevate themselves in the process.
Prediction: The Academy

War Games Hardcore Rumble

Photo: PWSA

This annual event is exactly what it sounds like: a rumble match where weapons are involved, and the winner gets a title shot of his choosing. Yes, this will be as bonkers as it sounds. Expect some craziness, no doubt plenty of creativity in putting this together one together, as it will require a lot of thinking to lay this one out. This match will include several guys who will be pulling double duty, including Ace Wilson, Lil Onyxxx, Jaxx L Radic and more. While matches like this can be notoriously hard to predict, further pushing one of the members of the Academy would make sense, so look for Brandon Black to get the win here.
Prediction: Brandon Black

PWSA Championship Match: Matt Hayter (c) vs. Ritchie Taylor

Photo: PSWA

This is the third and final battle between PWSA and APW. Both of these men are gaining steam on the Australian wrestling scene. “Smash Mouth” Ritchie Taylor made a big step forward a few months ago, when he got a chance to debut for Melbourne City Wrestling—the biggest promotion in the country—in a losing effort to New Zealand rising star JK Moody. But the exposure for Taylor was huge. Since then, he has certainly made his rounds on the indie scene in the country, putting in work for companies like New Age Wrestling and Suplex Pro Wrestling. In the next year or so, look for him to make another step forward, and become a regular for Melbourne City Wrestling. Matt Hayter has gotten some minor internet buzz lately, and has also been making his rounds in the Aussie indie scene, for promotions such as Adrenaline Pro Wrestling and Adelaide Championship Wrestling. With Taylor being an import from Victoria, it makes more sense for the belt to stay on Hayter, but only after these two have a killer main event. They’ll work very hard, and leave the fans going home happy. Hayter, who dropped the match to APW Champion Tekneco at Never in Your Wildest Dreams, so he’ll win here, and win the night for PWSA.
Prediction: Matt Hayter


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