TMDK Finds A New Member

The Mighty Don’t Kneel, or TMDK, the strongest and most enduring stable in Australia, has found a new member: Mikey Broderick. Broderick, from Adelaide, South Australia, has joined the ranks of the heel faction, which originally saw current NXT Superstars Nick Miller and Shane Thorne (now The Mighty, after starting as TM61) as founding members. The Universal Swoldier is adding to the already stacked roster of TDMK, which currently consists of Elliot Sexton, The Untouchables (Marcius Pitt and Damien Slater), Slex, and Jonah Rock.

Mikey Broderick is big and tall, who likes to use his strength to bully is opponents, so he will fit in nicely with the current crew. More ominously, TMDK has been sending out posts on social media about “going to war” and “gathering the troops.” All of this going on while Damien Slater has been bickering with Robbie Eagles and calling him out on Twitter, and Eagles, who is currently on tour with New Japan Pro Wrestling team with his new partner Taiji Ishimori, has said in response to this that he “might need to have a chat with his new friends.” With Broderick as a new member, and rumors of New Japan wanting to return for a second tour of Australia soon, it looks like we will see TMDK going at it with Eagles’ new group, the Bullet Club OGs, on the next tour. With New Japan eyeing the Australian market more and more, this makes a lot of sense. Furthermore, TDMK did several matches against Bullet Club on the last Australian tour, so there’s no reason not to do that stable war. And with Broderick now added to the mix, TMDK will have some heavy hitters on their hands. Look for Broderick to be catalyst for future feuds for this stable, and for TMDK to return more to the limelight of Australian wrestling, after taking a backseat for some time.


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