#AndNEW: Erika Reid Crowned Warzone Women’s Champion

Warzone Wrestling Australia (WWA) based out of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, held their Tenth Anniversary show this past Saturday, which saw several title matches, one of which, found a new owner before the night was done. The Warzone Women’s Championship was won by Erika Reid when she defeated long time mainstay Vixsin.


Erika Reid and Vixsin have been feuding all over Victoria, in places like Adrenaline Pro Wrestling, Underworld Wrestling, and now WWA. Erika Reid is one of the top women’s wrestlers in the state, and in the country as a whole. “The Dreamtime Voodoo Witch” has also made her mark in Melbourne City Wrestling, one of the largest promotions in the country, and is a major part of the current Australian scene. Reid is a regular in many promotions throughout the state, like all of the companies mentioned above, but also in Battle Championship Wrestling and New Age Wrestling, not to mention her presence in the New South Wales’ wrestling scene, her home state. Reid has only been wrestling for two years, but has already shown how talented she is, demonstrating how quickly she took to it. Look for Reid to continue to deepen her significance in the Aussie scene in the coming years. Warzone Wrestling will be holding its next event on Saturday, December 1st, called Xmas Bash, for which Reid is already being advertised. While no title defense from her has been officially announced for that show, look for her to be in a match for her title on that night, with Vixsin somehow being involved in it. Do not expect Erika Reid to drop the belt anytime too soon, though, as she will be holding on to it for the foreseeable future, as she is the right person for the job right, and will lead the women’s division in the promotion well.


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