Preview: UPW Halloween Bash (10/20/18)

United Pro Wrestling in Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, is all set for their next show this Saturday, Halloween Bash. The Queensland wrestling scene is fighting to grow, and UPW is doing their share. Revolving around a Trick or Treat Ladder Match, this show is shaping up to be a perfect launching point for the months to come in UPW. Sadly, UPW Champion Matthew Gabriel has a torn hamstring, so will not be able to defend his title, but instead will do a contract signing with the number one contender EC Diamond, to make their match official for the November show. Let’s rundown what UPW has to offer at Halloween Bash:

Jake Nova vs. Jamie Luxford for a spot in the Trick or Treat Ladder Match

Photo: UPW

The six person Trick or Treat Ladder already has three names announced, with three spots left to be earned, and this match is for one of them. Jake Nova, the current AWA (Australian Wrestling Alliance) Heavyweight Champion, also in Queensland, will be challenging Jamie Luxford, who was jumped by the champion Gabriel last show, and is looking to build momentum to earn a title shot down the road. This match will be good, but in the end, Nova will get the win, and advance to the ladder match later in the evening.
Prediction: Jake Nova

Kanji Kidd vs. Noman Mikalov for a spot in the Trick or Treat Ladder Match

Photo: UPW

The Iron Fist Mikalov will look to utilize his strikes (not a shock considering his nickname is The Iron Fist) against the smaller Kanji Kidd. However, Kidd is no stranger to vicious strikes himself, so look for this one to become a slugfest quickly. Kanji Kidd will get the win though, and earn himself a spot in the ladder match later in the evening. Look for some creative spots from him in that one.
Prediction: Kanji Kid

Jacque LeGrande vs. Jesse Love

Photo: UPW

“Youngblood” Jesse Love will be pulling double duty tonight, working both the ladder match and here in a one on one contest against Jacque LeGrande. LeGrande, who is in a budding feud with the cronies of the UPW Champion Matthew “The Gospel” Gabriel, may have outside things to worry about during this match. The Gospel attempted to kidnap LeGrande recently, but his henchman accidently grabbed the wrong man, so it was back to the drawing board. But that doesn’t mean they’ll give up. Look for this one to be short, and for Love to get lucky, as Gabriel leads a smash and grab on LeGrande.
Prediction: Jesse Love

Zeke Andino vs. Adonis

Photo: UPW

The Divine One Adonis, portraying his trademark confidence, will be looking to use his size and (divine) power against the Magician of the Ropes, Zeke Andino. Andino, as his name suggests, will be bringing an aerial assault against Adonis, and this clash in styles will create some memorable spots. Andino is an easy babyface to get behind, and will produce a highlight reel in the match, but Adonis will walk away with the victory. He’ll overwhelm Andino to finally cut him off, and steal the win.
Prediction: Adonis

Vegas Starr vs. ???

Photo: UPW

Vegas Starr is making his United Pro Wrestling debut here! As his name suggests, expect an arrogant sleazeball, to come out and to cut a not so nice promo to everyone in the locker room. He should get heat easily. Whomever he faces in his contest out, he definitely win via underhanded tactics, as the promotion looks to start building a star (pun intended). As to his opponent, Mojo Powers, who is advertised for the show to make an announcement but does not have a scheduled match, would be a good fit.
Prediction: Vegas Starr

Six-Man Trick or Treat Ladder Match for $1,000 Cash: Jesse Love vs. Malibu vs. Thirteen vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ???

Photo: UPW

With this being the first ever Trick or Treat Ladder match for UPW, and with no title defense on the night, they’ll want to put this match over huge. Look for all six guys to work very hard, and make some creative high spots. This will be the match of the night. Malibu, while a laid back guy, will take some chances here, and look for Love to try to find a way to sneak a win after hiding for much of the match. Thirteen is always a wildcard, but he will be the main force in this match. Expect Jake Nova to both win his qualifying match earlier in the night, and to win here, putting him over huge.
Prediction: Jake Nova

EC Diamond vs. Dolph Finn

Photo: UPW

EC Diamond, the number one contender for the UPW Championship, who will be participating in a contract signing for that title match on this show, will be looking to build some momentum ahead of his title opportunity in November. He is going against Finn, with whom he formed a temporary alliance at last month’s Over The Top Rumble match, only to have Finn turn on him. Finn is newer to UPW, so this is a marquee match for him, but with Diamond having a title match only a month away, he’ll look strong coming out of tonight. Look for Diamond to get the win here.
Prediction: EC Diamond


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