#AndNEW: Mr. Touchdown Captures the CHIKARA Grand Championship

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On August 11th at the Wrestle Factory, a new CHIKARA Grand Champion was crowned in Mr. Touchdown. A journeyman CHIKARA competitor, he ended Juan Francisco de Coronado’s historic 497-day reign (second longest behind Eddie Kingston‘s 924 day reign in 2011). At CHIKARA’s summer classic, Chikarasaurus Rex – A Deadly Secret, Mr. Touchdown took Coronado to the End Zone for the win and the title.

Mr. Touchdown embarked on CHIKARA’s 19th season on a downturn. He had back-to-back losses at Beware The Snowman and National Pro Wrestling Day 2018. At Young Lion’s Cup XIV – 2nd Stage though, he and Dasher Hatfield began their march to the Tag World Grand Prix. To get past the first round, they beat Frightmare and Hallowicked, the Legion of Rot. At the Tag World Grand Prix event, they beat the teams of Dez Peloton, Cornelius Crummels & Sonny Defarge, and finally Oceana & Merlok. This gave The Throwbacks their second Tag World Grand Prix win, the only team in CHIKARA’s history to do so.

While they were not successful in winning the Campeonatos de Parejas, Mr. Touchdown didn’t give up. He commenced on a summer packed with big names and big matches. At the Infinite Gauntlet, he upset former WWE and TNA star Mr. Anderson…Anderson. This contest earned him his first point towards a Grand Championship title shot. Mr. Touchdown and Solo Darling were the sole survivors in a five on five elimination match at Aniversario – Heroes Shed No Tears. They bested The Legion of Rot, The Whisper, Rory Gulak and Cajun Crawdad. At Go Eat Worms!, Mr. Touchdown took on rumored-NXT signee Matt Riddle in a great match. Though Mr. Touchdown did not defeat the King of Bros, he made a good showing and earned his second point towards a title shot.

July started a mega-hot streak for Mr. Touchdown. He beat BLANK at Live at First Energy Stadium on July 13th. On the 14th at Clan Feuds, Mr. Touchdown was the clincher for Team CHIKARA. He beat Tracy Williams of Beyond Wrestling in the final contest for inter-promotional glory. This win gave CHIKARA the victory, 3 wins to 2 over Beyond.

He earned his third and final point towards a Grand Championship title shot at Egg Monsters From Mars. Here he took on the very popular David Starr in his CHIKARA debut in another stellar contest.

Mr. Touchdown then cashed these points in at Chikarasaurus Rex and brought home the gold. After his big game win, he celebrated with the CHIKARA roster and the fans. Following the point system for CHIKARA, it looks to be that his first challenger will be Travis Huckabee.