Allie’s Former Persona Cherry Bomb Returns to Social Media

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The intriguing multiverse storyline of Rosemary and Allie continued today when Allie’s longtime indie moniker, the roguishly heel Cherry Bomb, returned to Twitter this afternoon, seemingly upset at being bothered by Courtney Rush. It comes a week to the day that Rosemary’s former alter ego, Courtney Rush, also returned to Twitter. Last week, Rush’s Twitter returned to life, seemingly unaware of her demonic possession of the previous two years, after she was met at the door of her apartment by Allie, who was searching for a missing Rosemary.

Cherry Bomb’s return, much like Courtney Rush’s last week, came shortly after the release of the latest episode of “Welcome to the Multiverse”, the weekly episodic online series on Allie’s YouTube channel. In the new episode, Courtney Rush’s appearance to Allie seemed to shock Allie back into Cherry Bomb, with Allie asking “why am I dressed like a five year old?”. The two continued to bicker, seemingly in reference to their previous year long rivalry that lead to Courtney Rush’s possession by Rosemary, before heading off. Through the rest of the episode, Cherry Bomb encounters Chelsea Green and Sienna who try to convince Cherry Bomb she is Allie, but Cherry Bomb refuses to believe them. This lead to a multiverse version of Rosemary (the one from RISE Wrestling) knocking Cherry Bomb out, telling Sienna to clean up the mess.

With Allie now returned to the scheming Cherry Bomb who, as part of the nefarious Kimber Bombs with Kimber Lee years ago, had a direct hand in the mental abuse on Courtney Rush that lead to her possession by Rosemary, and Courtney Rush now free and clear of Rosemary’s possession (in the Impact universe), it definitely opens up a whole new can of worms in the story of Demon Bunny.


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