Was Rey Mysterio’s Rumble Appearance a One-Off?

Photo: WWE

Nothing popped the Philadelphia crowd last night more than Rey Mysterio did, when he made his first appearance in WWE in three years, as entrant #27 in the Royal Rumble. As fans will know, 27 is the rumble’s golden number, leaving many to think that Mysterio was coming back to the company not only to be in it but perhaps to win it for the second time, and go on to main event Wrestlemania 34.

That might not be the case however as Mike Johnson of PWInsider, is reporting that Rey Mysterio’s appearance only recently came together about a week ago and that as of now, it is only set to be a one-time occurrence.

Could Rey Mysterio Still End up in Impact?

As early as the summer of 2017, Mysterio was linked to GFW/Impact Wrestling and WWE, with speculation that both were interested in signing him. Talks with WWE reportedly fell through but up until about a week ago, it was noted that Mysterio was still in ongoing conversation with officials at Impact.

According to Dave Meltzer and Wrestling Observer Radio, Mysterio was expected to make his Impact debut in the coming months. Obviously, a one-time WWE appearance wouldn’t alter that, and a future in Impact Wrestling could still be the case for the lucha star.

Is a Future with WWE Still a Possibility?

With his future uncertain, what is known is that Rey Mysterio made an impact of his own last night. In a showcase of a little under 10 minutes, the former rumble winner and three-time world champion dazzled, hitting his finisher, the 619, a handful of times, as well as executing a series of lucha libre maneuvers on guys like Adam Cole, who he eliminated from the match.

Mysterio also took part in one of the rumble’s penultimate standoffs, as he stood with fellow members of the old guard, Randy Orton and John Cena, as they faced down the new blood of Finn Balor, Roman Reigns, and eventual winner, Shinsuke Nakamura. It was a pivotal moment of the match, followed shortly by Balor eliminating Mysterio.

Despite not being signed to a contract yet, doesn’t mean that Mysterio won’t sign on the dotted line in the future. It is possible that last night’s appearance is the start of the two sides re-opening talks and that Mysterio will end up back in the WWE in some capacity sooner rather than later.

A former eight-time cruiserweight champion, Mysterio would have an immense wealth of knowledge and experience to offer WWE’s fledgling division. With the announcement that 205 Live is getting a general manager, Mysterio could fit into that role and be a player/coach of sorts, both wrestling and working as an on-screen authority figure. Or, he could continue to wrestle on the main roster and take on a role as a backstage producer and mentor for the cruiserweight division.

As was made clear last night and as has been clear to anyone who has watched Mysterio perform on Lucha Underground, the 43-year-old still has it. His presence on WWE, be it on the main roster or on 205 Live, would no doubt be an asset.


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