Match Point: Star Roger vs. Peter the Bad Romance (1/27/18)

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Championship Wrestling Association have established themselves as the most consistent promotion coming out of Puerto Rico. CWA is the only promotion that have run shows since the disaster of Hurricane Maria, with their top face Star Roger having one of the best reigns of any championship in the past 15 years. Now, this Saturday January 27, that same reign will be put to the test against 2017’s Most Underrated Wrestler in Puerto Rico, Peter the Bad Romance.

Photo: Contralona

If you are unfamiliar with Peter the Bad Romance, he is one of the best workers that the island has to offer, but, because of how things have played out, he never had a chance to breakout. He is a four-time WWC Junior Heavyweight Champion, where he was dubbed as the “the highest Italian luxury”, with an arrogant demeanor that brought legitimate heat to the arenas in these past three years. It isn’t just pure gimmick – Peter has a great arsenal, one of the few wrestlers that can incorporate the Strong Style and great variations of suplexes. His feud with veteran wrestler and 13-time Junior Heavyweight Champion, Tommy Diablo, was one of the highlights in 2015. Now, he gets his first shot at a major title, with him challenging Star Roger in CWA, a first time match-up.


In the other side of the ring, Star Roger looks to continue his streak as the most dominant champion in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. The match takes place two weeks before his long-awaited confrontation against Mike Mendoza. This is Roger’s first defense in 2018, after being able to defeat the likes of former WWC Universal Champion BJ, former X-Division champion DJ Z, Robbie E, Super Crazy and others. Roger, who started as Carlitos “El Sensacional”, which was International Wrestling Association’s (IWA) version of a Gillberg gimmick (but instead of parodying Goldberg, it was Carlos Colón). He rose to prominence quickly, being a favorite by the fans with his swift offense and pure gentle nature. In 2017, after years of being overshadow and never given a chance, he won the CWA title against former ROH World Champion Jay Lethal.

Now, 2017’s Wrestler of the Year and 2017 Most Underrated Wrestler collide in the main event of CWA show in 1/27 for the CWA title. Star Rogers agility against the great all-around work-rate of Peter the Bad Romance should give us a great start wrestling-wise in the Caribbean in 2018.

You can watch Peter the Bad Romance in this video, with the defunct promotion 100% Lucha: