A London Riot: Strangler Davis Added to Accused in UK Scandal

EDIT: In the original publication of this article, we stated that James Davis was being accused of the same allegations against Daniel Edler. At the time, the full extent of Edler’s actions were not known and the implication of the allegations was intended to be in the sexual misconduct with minors. As it’s come to light of very different allegations against Edler, we have edited the article to reflect that the allegations are not similar. We apologize for insinuating the alleged crimes were identical as that was not our original intention.

Yesterday we broke that former IPW:UK owner and promoter Daniel Edler was accused of sexual misconduct with a minor, which rocked the UK indie scene. Edler, who sold IPW:UK last year, had recently opened a new wrestling promotion/school named Spotlight Wrestling, but once news broke yesterday, the talent on the card was quick to leave the promotion and wash their hands of any alliance. One of the wrestlers who denounced the promotion and withdrew was former London Riot James Davis (aka Strangler Davis), who also competes for PROGRESS Wrestling among other UK promotions.

But it didn’t take long for Davis’ name to get brought into the public debate on the former IPW:UK owner’s scandal, when a 23-year old woman went public that Davis himself was allegedly guilty of sexual misconduct himself. The victim, who goes by Hanni on Twitter, had the following to say this afternoon.

As the afternoon went on, Hanni was offered much love and support from the wrestling community. So far, none of Davis’ regular promotions have commented. Hanni returned to post more later in the afternoon.