Sami Callihan And oVe: Taking Over Everything

Editor’s Note: Yesterday, Eric Thompson represented Last Word on Pro Wrestling during Impact Wrestling’s Media Conference Call with Sami Callihan. After talking with the Death Machine, here’s Eric’s thoughts.

Sami Callihan has been all over the world. The World Wide Desperado has at this point competed in every major wrestling promotion on the planet. While currently taking part in New Japan Pro Wrestling‘s World Tag League tour, the Callihan Death Machine joined us for Impact Wrestling‘s weekly media teleconference.

Photo: Impact Wrestling

One of the newest members of the Impact roster, Callihan debuted with a bang at Bound For Glory. “A grungier, dirtier version of the Free Birds,” Callihan joining the mix immediately makes oVe one of the most dangerous trios in professional wrestling. As Jake stated on the call, Sami brings a level of confidence the team needed. A noticeable, yet intangible improvement came over an already outstanding team. Injecting himself into a feud that has seen a 5150 Street Fight, the battle with L.A.X. just became that much more violent. The Barbed Wire Massacre match between the two teams will be the first barbed-wire no-rope match on national television.

Sami Callihan is no stranger to hardcore wrestling. Some of his most notable matches come from CZW. Of course, he has also had notable matches in PWGROHLucha Underground, and most likely your local indie. Callihan takes pride in the fact that, in his own words, “you never know where Sami Callihan will show up next.” “You never know where I’m going to show up, you never know what I’m going to do.”

Photo: Impact Wrestling

And for good reason. Some of you may be most familiar with his NXT character Solomon Crowe (who he states “is a bitch”), but Callihan has been at the forefront of the current rise of independent wrestling. When “The Machine” didn’t know what to do with him, the Callihan Death Machine bet on himself. Heading into season four of Lucha Underground, Callihan wrestles as Jeremiah Crane. Between his time as both Crowe and Crane, as well as wrestling as Sami Callihan, he has competed in almost every major wrestling promotion in the world. He is proving it is possible to build a great, lucrative life for yourself without having your checks come from Stamford. It is worth noting his teammate in the World Tag League tournament is Juice Robinson, another wrestler who left the WWE to thrive on his own.

Photo: NJPW

A major part of the World Wide Desperado’s success is his ability to wrestle so many styles. From death matches to lucha, to technical he can not only wrestle the style, he can do it well. When asked about his goals, he says he’s just looking to continue his growth as a performer, a promoter (he currently runs Iowa-based Wrestling Revolver), and a booker. He wants to show the world that mediocracy is dead. Taking his talents to Impact Wrestling is an opportunity to do just that. And Impact gets one of the best wrestlers in the world. With the addition of Sami Callihan, Impact Wrestling and oVe are changing the wrestling world. Quite simply, Sami Callihan, Jake Crist, and Dave Crist are taking over everything.

Catch Sami Callihan and OvE tonight on Impact Wrestling.

Photo: Impact Wrestling