5 Wrestlers Who Can Save 205 Live

5 Wrestlers Who Can Save 205 Live

5 Wrestlers Who Can Save 205 Live

205 Live safe to say has not lived up to the hype caused by the amazing Cruiserweight Classic(CWC) and some of that has to do with an overall lack of stars and real lack of depth on the show with most competitors facing off multiple times on TV, with Akira Tozawa and Brian Kendrick facing each other over ten times in different variations since February.  What this division sorely needs is an injection of talent like these 5 men.  I will not be including anyone under long term contract with CMLL, NJPW or AAA as they aren’t available to sign.

Number 5. King Ricochet

This is the most obvious and probably a case of when and not if as Ricochet is a talent that WWE must have their eyes on he perfectly fits the bill for a WWE talent with the look, the abs and the charisma. He would be the perfect candidate to be the featured star of the CW division as he has experience on TV as the star with Lucha Underground and maximizing minutes in New Japan as well as experience wrestling around the world in all different styles.

Number 4: ACH

ACH has just been at the Best Of The Super Juniors (BOSJ) tournament in NJPW and really performed very well against all of his opponents, he has long been a great high flier even back in his days at Ring Of Honor (ROH) and one thing the CW division needs is a guy like him who can work well with any style of opponent and still wow the crowd.

Number 3: The Lucha Bros (Fenix & Penta el 0M)

If WWE were to sign these two to the CW division there are a multitude of excellent stories to tell including the inevitable heel Penta vs Face Fenix match.  These two would bring much needed star power to the CW, especially Penta who has a charisma that like Jeff Hardy‘s is so enigmatic.  While Penta would have to lose a few pounds to compete in the division it shouldn’t be too hard for him and the WWE money would be a real motivator.  Fenix to his credit is one of the best in the world at what he does and his matches would be a real highlight of every week and with age on his side he could be a big future star.  Signing this duo would brong eyes to 205 Live and would really improve the product and its appeal in Latin America as well as with many hardcore fans,

Number 2: “The Villain” Marty Scurll

Every ROH fan/analyst and anyone who has seen him in the BOSJ recently have had one thing to say about Marty Scurll, that he is WWE bound and wont be long before they sign him up.  There is a good reason for this though because at times Scurll looks too good to not be in the WWE.  Scurll has crowds in the palm of his hands, he is charismatic and has an amazing character while also being no slouch in ring.  ROH obviously saw money in Scurll as he almost instantly won their TV title and went on a great run with the belt that made it more relevant than it has been since Jay Lethal‘s reign.  It is obvious that every company and fan sees Scurll as a future star in the business and the thought of a heel Scurll as CW champion in a similar way to Neville‘s current reign is very exciting indeed.

Number 1: Flamita

Coming out of Super Strong Style 16 (SSS16) Flamita has proved that he is the best high flier in the world right now.  At such a young age he can do amazing things in the ring and having experience in Japan with Dragon Gate he knows how to build a match around his high flying ways.  Described by Dave Meltzer as potentially the next Rey Mysterio Jr. and while his word isn’t gospel that man knows a thing or two about wrestling and from what I have seen of Flamita I agree he is a once in a generation talent that WWE can build their CW division around for the long term.

These are 5 stars that I think WWE could use to save their CW division, the hardest part was picking just 5 and had I included contracted talent then this list could have easily been 10+ including the likes of Will Ospreay, Dragon Lee etc.

Is there anyone missing? Is their an amazing talent that you think would save 205 Live? Sound off below with any additions you think could be made to the list.