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Lucha Underground Season 3 Mid-Season Preview

Lucha Underground Season 3 Mid-Season Preview

It has been a wild ride so far with several new names to the roster in Season 3. Mantanza’s title reign came to a shocking end to Sexy Star in Aztec Warfare 3. Mundo capitalized on his Gift Of The God’s title shot and became champion and put The Worldwide Underground on top. Dante Fox was introduced as a former compatriot of war to feud with Killshot. Jeremiah Crane came to Lucha Underground with a history with Ivelisse and violence. Prince Puma went to war with Mil Muertes. Trio’s were formed in The Rabbit Tribe, The Lotus Triage and Kobra Moon’s stable. The motivations of the crazy world in the temple will be further explained in the rest of this season but the action will be as hot as ever.

There are many faces that make Lucha Underground must-see but there are also very entertaining acts that keep you wanting more like Famous B and Joey Ryan. There are also many exciting tags, so let’s take a loot at the Trio’s division first.

The Trios

The addition of Kobra Moon’s partners-Pindar and Vibora-and taking Drago to be one of their own, has been amazing to watch and really takes a different approach to wrestling. The fans chanted Luchasaraus at the sight of the massive Vibora throwing around opponents. Drago had seemed to be lost in the shuffle with all the great masked Luchadors and this is just what he needed. The fire-breathing in backstage segments to the dynamic teamwork in the ring, Kobra Moon has a team to be reckoned with.

The Worldwide Underground is a perfect team, even if they have to win dirty. Taya can take on the females and distract opponents, Jack Evans can work any style with flair, PJ Black can dazzle with aerial offense and Johnny Mundo is the Lucha Underground champion. They lost the Trios titles to Fenix, Aerostar and Drago but still dominate the main event scene. Things seem to be breaking apart with losing matches and clashing ego’s but time will tell if these 4 big personalities stay together for the long haul. Mundo’s Lucha Underground title may spell the end for the team, PJ Black almost won The Battle Of The Bulls tournament to face Mundo.

Paul London made his debut in Lucha Underground in very unique fashion, with partners Slatadore and Mala Suerte. The almost circus-type trio is very strange with all the fun and athleticism to put on a show. The craziness starts from the entrance and doesn’t let up until the 3-count in a Rabbit Tribe match. The 3 lost in their first match but seemed to be getting on track by the mid-season. Paul London has a wealth of experience to guide his 2 madmen partners to gold and success.

Black Lotus brought in a group of vicious women to help her take over and destroy Pentagon Dark. The Lotus Triage took out Pentagon Dark in Aztec Warfare 3 and have waged battles ever since. In the temple, women are every bit as equal as men and The Lotus Triage has pinned Pentagon Dark twice. Any 3 men would have their hands full if Black Lotus wants to Trio’s titles in a future episode.

The Hunt for the Lucha Underground title

New relationships were formed in Season 3 so far but one fact remains true to the believers: Mantanza will not be stopped. It took multiple attacks and opponents to take down Mantanza and take his title, he will do whatever it takes to get it back with owner and brother, Dario Cueto by his side. Mantanza had some of the most brutal matches in the shows history against Mil Muertes. The “Man Of A Thousand Deaths” has Catrina with him but has also seemed lost since losing the championship. Both monsters could use a huge main event win to get the title back, maybe even against each other again.

Prince Puma has been on a quest to find himself ever since losing Konnan and the Lucha Underground title. Vampiro decided to guide Puma in an odd twist of fate and Puma has become all the better for it. A more calculated and experienced Puma has been on display after his incredible bouts with Rey Mysterio, Mil Muertes and others. Puma has gotten his dream matches, but it seems he wants much more out of himself.

Cage came so close to finally becoming a champion but Texano took his chance away at every opportunity. The 2 waged a Best Of 5 Series which Cage won. Cage has a drive that is needed to get and stay at the top and he has defeated the likes of Chavo Geurrero Jr. A massive match with the monsters of Lucha Underground would either do no favors to Cage, or make him the main event star he wants to be.

The Future of Lucha Underground

The temple has been very deep with story like Dragon Azteca Jr. and his his rise to being the next great Luchador alongside Rey Mysterio but now Azteca wants to go his own way. Will be very special to get to witness Azteca vs Mysterio: student vs teacher. Azteca really is as fast and awe-inspiring as his mentor.

Ivelisse has been trying to become a singles champion but Angelico and Son Of Havoc have yet to taste the Lucha Underground title as well. A bold prediction would be “The Man From The Open Road” Son Of Havoc becomes champion, the man behind the mask-Matt Cross-has been high-flying for over 15 years.

Pentagon Dark has failed at capturing the title that eludes him but he is already arguably the face of Lucha Underground. After the battles with The Lotus Triad, everybody better watch their arms before Pentagon Dark breaks them. The shine needs to be shared with many talents, but its evident that Pentagon Dark is the star of the show and deserves the main event spotlight as the show evolves. A match with Dante Fox or Killshot would be ideal for the future.

Some faces need to lay claim to becoming king and one would King Cuerno. The veterans of Lucha Underground will not be surpassed yet. The believers have already been shocked and celebrated but there are so many great moments to come. Willie Mack gets his shot at Johnny Mundo’s Lucha Underground title on Wednesday in an All-Night-Long match. If the first one with Prince Puma and Mundo is any indication, this is going to be a match that will have everybody talking. So will all of the wild excitement coming in the second half of Season 3 of Lucha Underground on May 31. Ultima Lucha 3 is around the corner and that is a can’t-miss finale for any show with international talents featured. Thanks for reading, ring the bell!

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