ROH Honorable Mention: ROH TV Review (4/22/17)

ROH 4/22/2017 TV Review
Episode 293
Baltimore, Maryland
William J Meyers Pavilion

The show this week was the first episode taped in Baltimore, Maryland. Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana were on commentary to start the show.

Christopher Daniels started off the show. He began by recapping his victory over Castle as Supercard of Honor. He then spoke about facing off against Matt Taven in Detroit. Daniels went on to say that he will face the winner of a four way between Adam Page, Jay White, Jay Lethal and Silas Young in the future. He then addressed Cody blindsiding him at Supercard and Cody promptly came out. He jabbed at Daniels about expecting the Fallen Angel to be covered in Stardust, which got a smile out of his adversary. He then got down to the business of why he was out there and called Daniels out on not being involved in the match. Daniels implied it isn’t up to him and Cody mocked him for not making the call himself. This was a great way to kick the show off and establish who Daniels will be defending the title against in the future. Cody shines as an irritating obnoxious heel and the two played well off each other.

Recap of Marty’s win, short Kazarian promo.

First Match: Lio Rush vs. Shane Taylor / Caprice Coleman
As the two made their way to the ring a video recap of Rush’s issues with the Rebellion aired, as well as Taylor’s attack on Rush and his alliance with the Rebellion. Cabana and Riccaboni really work well here to play up the issues while also bringing levity to the proceedings, commenting on Coleman’s short message to Rush about turning down the Rebellion’s offer. As Ian speaks of the offering being turned down, Cabana comically asks “turned down for what” and it’s small goofy moments like these that show how well the two work together. Taylor dominated the early going, using his size advantage to toss Rush around in what looked like would be a rather short contest. Rush was able to avoid a corner splash and string together some offense with his speed and quickness but a distraction from Coleman changed his target. Rush knocked Coleman off the apron and followed with a suicide dive before heading to the top rope and attempting a frog splash. With the extra time Taylor was able to recover and roll out of the way before catching Rush with a sit out chokeslam, winning the match via pinfall. Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin came out to check on Rush, only be rewarded for their efforts by being blindsided by Coleman and Taylor. Taylor splashed Sabin from the second rope before he and Coleman posed over the fallen bodies of Search and Destroy.

Winner: Shane Taylor

Second Match: Top Prospect Tournament Finals
Josh Woods vs. John Skyler
Brutal Bob Evans joined Cabana and Riccaboni for commentary on this one as he has all tournament. As has been the story for the tournament, Evans’ commentary has added an extra layer of analysis that has worked very well. He was effusive in his praise of Woods here, sharing that he discovered Woods and recommended that he give ROH a try, as he would be a good fit. Skyler was in charge for the beginning of the contest, with the continuing story of Woods being able to win at any moment via submission. Eventually, Skyler had Woods hoisted on his shoulders as he was up on the turnbuckle, setting up for his Southern Salvation finisher. Woods was able to escape and won after locking om ankle lock submission. This match was generally average and was not the best match of the tournament, but both men showed why they belonged in the finals here. After the match David Starr attacked Woods and introduced himself to the audience with his numerous monikers, saying that he is THE Top Independent wrestler in the business and that he plans to show ROH why that is. I found this segment to be a nice shot of energy for the episode and I’m looking forward to was Starr will bring to the company.

Winner: John Woods

Main Event: ROH World Television Championship Match
Marty Scurll (c) vs. Frankie Kazarian
Pretty good back and forth contest between the two here. I’ve really enjoyed Kaz’s singles work and would have like to see the title opportunity as part of a larger show to give the match more of a sense a title switch being a real possibility. Marty Scurll defeated Kazarian via pinfall after interference from Adam Page, which continues the issues between the two and was an effective way of having Kazarian lose without having him lose cleanly. As Paul Turner tried to take an umbrella from Kaz ,Scurll grabbed a handful of powder and tossed it at Kaz who ducked it. While Turner was blinded Kaz had Scurll pinned. Page came out and hit Kaz with a chair, allowing Scurll to get the roll up. What was a bit perplexing here was that Turner did not disqualify Scurll for using the powder. It was a nonsensical way to allow for Page’s interference, whereas a traditional ref bump would have incapacitated Turner without calling into question why the referee would not disqualify Scurll. As Scurll gloated, Matt Sydal’s music hit and he chased Scurll to the back.
Winner: Marty Scurll

Final Reaction: B-
This was a pretty solid hour from ROH this week, but there were some issues that need to be resolved moving forward. Taylor winning over Rush was the right move, although with Rush wrestling his last match for ROH, a clean victory would have been a bit more effective in making Taylor look even stronger than he did. Giving Woods a program right out of the Top Prospect Tournament and Starr has been all over the independents over the course of the last few years. The main event’s finish did not make a great deal of sense and I’m hopeful that Sydal will be sticking around-he brings some fresh blood into the company, but he needs to be more than just a one time title shot for Scurll.
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