NXT Recap: (3/15/17) – Bobby Roode Retains the NXT Championship

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Did you miss NXT this week? Well, I’m here to make it all better. It’s the weekly NXT Recap, right here at Last Word on Pro Wrestling. Did you miss last week’s recap? Check it out and catch up here.

So, who came out on top between Bobby Roode and Kassius Ohno? Additionally, what happened as far as the Authors of Pain are concerned? Let’s find out, shall we?

NXT Recap: (3/15/17) – Bobby Roode Retains HIS NXT Championship

Match: The Authors of Pain vs. The Ealy Brothers

As our show opens up, the commentators reveal that the Ealy Brothers had called out the Authors of Pain. Okay so first off, bad idea. Very bad idea. Even those with the physiques of the Ealy Brothers should not be calling out a team of two Braun Strowmans. After the Brothers were able to put in some early offense, the tides turned incredibly quickly. With one monstrous clothesline, the Authors took control and never looked back. These guys are monsters. Following a Supercollider and Last Chapter, this one was over. Congrats, Paul Ellering, your boys are officially absolutely terrifying.

Speaking of Paul, he called out The Revival after this match. At which point, DIY came out. And they talked for a while and called out the Authors saying that they could’ve beaten them, if not for the Revival. Interesting. After they finished, the Revival themselves appeared and called themselves the “Greatest Tag Team of All Time.” Finally, William Regal announced that the three teams would be in a triple threat tag team elimination match at NXT Takeover: Orlando.

Winner: The Authors of Pain

Analysis: This thing was over hilariously quickly, but the promo bit afterward was magical. Even though the Brothers did get some offense in, the Authors dominated the match. The promos after the match were good all around, and Regal’s announcement was very interesting. I am now officially 100 percent excited for Takeover, and I am loving what Regal is booking here. Takeover: Orlando is going to be a fantastic show, possibly even better than this year’s Wrestlemania.

Match: Macey Estrella vs. Nikki Cross

In tonight’s women’s division bout, Macey Estrella took on Nikki Cross. This match, for not being the main event, was incredibly interesting. SAnitY as a whole is incredibly intriguing, as they continue to unconventionally rip through the entirety of NXT. On the other hand, Estrella is a traditional women’s wrestler with a lot of southerner charm. Hailing from Parris Island, Estrella is a tough cookie who can fend for herself. But against Cross, she didn’t stand a chance. This one was over before Estrella could get any offense in, and was more of a brutalization than a match.

After the match, chaos ensued. No Way Jose and Tye Dillinger attacked SAnitY. And wouldn’t you know it, they didn’t stand a chance either. Eric Young and company absolutely destroyed the Perfect Ten and his dancing partner. This SAnitY angle is becoming rather intriguing. Truthfully, who’s going to stop them?

Winner: Nikki Cross and SAnitY

Analysis: Before this match, I didn’t know much personally about Macey Estrella. And now, even though she didn’t get any offense in, I want to see more of her. Her character, although strikingly intimidating, is intoxicatingly likable. She reminds me a lot of a babyface Mickie James. Now, let’s talk about SAnitY. These guys are downright scary. And I mean that genuinely; they’re actually becoming terrifying. In addition to their character, their style is less of an actual style, and more just hell-bent destruction. I mean, Nikki Cross hit about seven swinging neckbreaker finishers on Estrella during this match. SAnitY is absolutely brutal, and no one on the NXT roster right now is going to plausibly stop them.

Backstage Segment: Cien Attacks Lun

This one was short, so no real analysis, but Andrade Almas laid waste to Ho Ho Lun backstage. Then, Oney Lorcan stepped in. Regal announced that Lorcan would face Almas next week over this beef about Hoho Lun. This was just…weird. It seemed less like a wrestling match, and more like someone standing up to a high school bully. This attack was weird, but I can see where they’re going with it. Neither Almas or Lorcan has anything to do right now, so this could light a spark.

Match: NXT Championship – Bobby Roode vs. Kassius Ohno

There is nothing more deafening than an NXT crowd singing to Bobby Roode’s entrance theme. This week, he took on Kassius Ohno for the NXT Championship. And wow…this one was great. While fans had been chomping at the bit to watch this one, I’m not sure that any of them expected something this…glorious.

Following the entrances of both men and the presenting of the title, this amazing bout began. Both of these men clearly had in mind that Shinsuke Nakamura was waiting for them at Takeover: Orlando. As far as physicality goes, Ohno took an early advantage over Bobby Roode. Truthfully, Roode looked shocked to find that Ohno had no ring rust on him.

After Kassius Ohno made a minute mistake, Roode was able to capitalize. From there, Bobby Roode proceeded to dominate Ohno. Additionally, he began taunting Ohno. Really, it’s a shame that the yellow brand’s crowd won’t let Roode be a heel. He plays the character of snobby, full-of-himself heel so well. But anyways, back to the match. After all was said and done, Ohno just wasn’t able to fully capitalize on his title shot. In the end, Bobby Roode was able to take control and retain his NXT Championship. Even after Ohno’s Cyclone Boot connected, it just wasn’t enough. Bobby Roode hit the Glorious DDT, and now Shinsuke Nakamura lies in wait.

Winner and STILL NXT Champion: Bobby Roode

Analysis: This match was incredible. First of all, Ohno gave Roode the fight of his career. Secondly, both men looked great, which is hard to pull off. But in truth, Kassius Ohno isn’t ready yet. He has the talent and charisma, but it’s not his time. Fans should look for him to capitalize on his next title shot. NXT was worth it just for this tonight.

A Hundred Words or Less

For those who said, “Too long; didn’t read”, I offer you this. Tonight’s NXT in one hundred words or less.

Tonight, we saw an amazing show. First, we saw the Authors of Pain destroy the Ealy Brothers and set up their feuds for Takeover. Next, we found out that SAnitY doesn’t mess around. Ever. Especially when it comes to people like Macey Estrella. After that, Oney Larcon helped Hoho Lun with his bully problem. Finally, we saw Bobby Roode and Kassius Ohno put on a show. Seriously, it was a wrestling clinic. Overall, tonight’s show gets a downright glorious 9/10.