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RoadBlock Preview: Seth Rollins vs. Chris Jericho

Ryan Smith gives his preview of Seth Rollins vs. Chris Jericho at the pay per view, WWE RoadBlock: End of The Line. Who does he think will win?

As the final Monday Night Raw exclusive pay per view of the year approaches, the Last Word on Pro Wrestling staff are going to give previews of every single match leading up to the show. Ryan Smith, who covers the flagship show every Monday night, breaks down the match between Seth Rollins and Chris Jericho.

RoadBlock Preview: Seth Rollins vs. Chris Jericho

Of all the matches on the show, this one is the safest. It’s the safest in the sense that the outcome is pretty predictable, and both wrestlers are so talented that the match should be quite good. Rollins and Jericho are among two of the best wrestlers in the whole company, let alone the Raw brand, and they should put on a technically sound bout.

The Winner!

It’s pretty obvious that Seth Rollins is going to win this match. Rollins hasn’t won a pay per view match since he pinned Roman Reigns back at Money In The Bank. Even then, he lost to Dean Ambrose moments later. Including Money In The Bank, Rollins has lost six straight pay per view matches in a row.

Jericho is either on his way out or about to feud with Kevin Owens. Either way, he doesn’t need to be beating Seth Rollins, one of the most important superstars in the company. Despite a last second botch in their build, Rollins has to be out for blood. Jericho has repeatedly cost Rollins the WWE Universal Championship, and it’s time for Rollins to get revenge.

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Pete Repeat

The only annoying this about this match is that it’s nothing new. The two have wrestled a handful of times on free television over the last few months, and Rollins has usually gotten the last laugh. Both men will really have to up the ante to give the WWE Universe something they haven’t already seen. Considering how obvious the outcome of this match appears at a glance, if these guys don’t mix things up, this match might be a little boring.

Game Changer

Of course, there are plenty of opportunities for interference. Last month, a brilliant analyst predicted there would be interference in the main event of TLC. The most obvious choice for interference in this match would be Kevin Owens, but considering he has a match against Roman Reigns for his title in the main event, he might be hesitant to get involved.

The Royal Rumble is weeks away, and this is usually where WrestleMania feuds start to take shape. If Seth Rollins and Triple H are ever going to fight, now might be the time for the game to return. Don’t be surprised if Seth Rollins is celebrating his victory over Y2J when the cerebral assassin appears, giving the architect a Pedigree of his own.


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