The Problem With the JeriKO Split

Make no mistake, splitting Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens up was a great call. The moment the two began teaming, it became obvious that a feud was destined to happen. As entertaining as JeriKO has been, this has always been building to a great friends, better enemies split. However, it may have happened a second too soon.

The Problem With the JeriKO Split

The biggest issue with Seth Rollins lately has been his lack of direction. He’s angry that Triple H screwed him out of the WWE Universal Championship, but his methods of revenge are questionable. It’s so convoluted that you have to go back several months to explain it.

Triple H handed the championship to Kevin Owens back in late August. He has not been on WWE television since. He has yet to resurface and explain why he chose Owens over Rollins, or to participate in the build for the obvious student-teacher WrestleMania match. However, Rollins is trying to carry the feud by himself.

Rollins claims the only way to get to Triple H is to beat Kevin Owens for the Universal Championship. But every time he’s come close to taking the belt off of Owens, Chris Jericho has interfered. So now, Rollins has to get rid of Chris Jericho.

So, in order to get at Triple H, Rollins needs to take the title off of Kevin Owens. And in order to beat Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins needs to get rid of Chris Jericho. Rollins is feuding with Triple H, by way of Kevin Owens, by way of Chris Jericho.

Tag Team Turmoil

Convoluted stories aren’t great, but they’re fine. The WWE have gotten by with significantly less thought, but last Monday night, the WWE ruined that. As a part of the WWE Tag Team Championship triple threat, JeriKO collapsed. After hitting a Codebreaker on Xavier Woods, Owens attempted to prevent Rollins from breaking up the pin. However, Rollins was able to push Owens back onto Jericho and Woods.

The two began to bicker, and ultimately, it cost them the match. The New Day retained, and JeriKo continued bickering. Jericho told Owens he was done with the team, and left the Universal Champion to take a spear from Roman Reigns.

It looks like JeriKo are finished, and the two will have a match somewhere down the road. However, this does raise a question. If JeriKO are broken up, then why should Seth Rollins and Chris Jericho fight on Sunday?

Rollins is only feuding with Jericho so he can get to Kevin Owens, but if those two aren’t teaming, what’s the point? Rollins could go full Sandman on Jericho with a kendo stick, and it no longer matters to Kevin Owens, let alone Triple H.

Maybe Jericho will interfere with Owens’ match at RoadBlock, but that would be too little, too late. The WWE could have had Owens cost Jericho his match against Rollins like he did against Reigns last week and it would’ve been perfect. Instead, JeriKO is done, and Seth Rollins has a meaningless pay per view match.