WWE NXT Review 9/21/16: Cedric Alexander Debuts

Cedric Alexander Debuts, Samoa Joe tells all, and more, as Tom Terzulli guides you through another week in his WWE NXT Review.
Cedric Alexander Debuts

Things are starting to heat up on the yellow brand. Samoa Joe and NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura have officially embarked on the road to a rematch between the two. Tonight Joe addresses his savage beatdown of the champ last week. Time for another NXT Review!

WWE NXT Review 9/21/16: Cedric Alexander Debuts

Prior to the open, a well-made video package recaps Joe’s attack.

Samoa Joe Promo

The medical report schtick was bit goofy and Joe getting frustrated and Nakamura being out 6 to 12 weeks really doesn’t make sense. If you wanted the title rematch as soon as possible, why did you injure him? But the segment recovered a bit at the end, with Joe threatening to injure more NXT superstars if he doesn’t get Nakamura. The line adds a nice hook for the rest of the show. Will Joe follow through?

Cedric Alexander Backstage Interview

Nice of them to recap Alexander’s match with Kota Ibushi in the CWC. It was one of, if not the best match of the tournament it’s a great way to introduce him to the NXT audience that may not have seen him. His promo was simple, but it worked. He clawed his away to WWE after of years of toying away on the independent circuit. Tonight he proves what he already knows, he’s one of the best.

Liv Morgan Backstage Promo

The Morgan-Asuka feud could work as an underdog storyline. But, Morgan just isn’t clicking for me. She needs to make strides in both her promos and in-ring work. She just does not seem ready to get in the ring with one of the best in the world.

Oney Lorcan vs Austin Aries

After blowing through that promo fest, we finally get our first match of night! Lorcan is so unique and fun to watch in the ring. Nothing like a good ole smashmouth, in your face brawler. Aries is great and can adjust his style to just about anyone including the Irishman. He even threw in some slaps and chops to try to match Lorcan’s style.

Rating: C+

Aries-Itami Segment

We get to see Hideo Itami and Aries in the same ring for the first time since Brooklyn…for about a split second. Loved Aries line: “you make people go to sleep, I make people tap out.” He’s capable of such a cool line like that, while also being the insanely cowardly heel. It was hilarious to see him bail out and run around the ring with his arms raised. It’s going to be that more satisfying when Itami finally gets his hands on him.

Dan Matha looks like just another giant muscle head. Boring.

Very intense parking lot brawl between DIY and The Revival. It’s surprising they allowed that son of a b***h to slip through.

Aliyah vs Billie Kay

Decent match. Billie Kay could really be something down the line. She has a great look and nice ring presence about her. She’s not spectacular, but can improve over time. Aliyah is not a bad worker either, but she’s probably around just to put others over.

Rating: C-

Mandy Rose Backstage Interview

So they’re saving the Ember Moon and Asuka feud for a little bit down the line. However, Moon has to be doing something and that’s where Rose comes in. It’s a good enough premise, Rose is obviously a beautiful woman, and she’s going after Moon for not having the “look.”

Cedric Alexander vs Andrade “Cien” Almas

Great pop for Alexander. I’m a huge fan of both these guys and this worked really well. Almas was able to keep up with Alexander, who has to possess one of the smoothest in ring styles I’ve ever seen. A great combination of smooth transitions,  high-flying, and hard hitting. Its a shame that Almas keeps losing though, he really is quite good.

Rating: B+

Solid show with some storyline advancement and a really good main event. The ball is rolling for both Joe vs. Nakamura and Aries vs. Itami. Would have liked to see Joe follow through on his promise, but maybe we’ll get it next week. Alexander looked great in his NXT debut and he already might be one of the most over guys on the roster. As always I’ll be back next week to take you through the world of NXT.

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