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Bears, Commanders Linked In Massive Trade Proposal

Star defensive tackle Jonathan Allen could generate a big return in a trade, and Washington could consider dealing the two-time Pro Bowler
Jonathan Allen Trade

The Washington Commanders are not outwardly interested in a Jonathan Allen trade, but that could change after June 1st. While the star defensive tackle is still one of the better players on the team, the former first-round pick and two-time Pro Bowler might not fit in Washington’s timeline. Now entering his age-29 season, age might catch up to Allen before the rebuilding Commanders are ready to compete. With that in mind, Washington could sell high on their star veteran and help restock the cupboard with young players who could grow with the team.

As of this posting, Jonathan Allen carries a $21.4 million cap hit that will only free up $9.4 million in trade. However, if Washington deals him after June 1st, they can clear $15.4 million off their books. Bleacher Report believes that Washington will find a suitor and that the Chicago Bears could give up a second-round pick for the two-time Pro Bowler.

Bears, Commanders Could Agree to Jonathan Allen Trade

After failing to get results with subpar talent over the past two seasons, Matt Eberflus will show what he can do with a winning-caliber roster. Caleb Williams will be an upgrade on Justin Fields, Chicago’s receivers have game-breaking potential, and the defense has playmakers at every level. What they lack, however, is a dominant defensive tackle, but they could get one with a Jonathan Allen trade.

Eberflus, a defensive-minded head coach, previously spoke at length about the importance of a proper 3-tech in his defense. Right now, he doesn’t have one of those, which suggests his scheme won’t perfectly match the skills of his players. Jonathan Allen is good enough to succeed in just about any scheme, but a trade could bring out the best in the Alabama product. Washington, meanwhile, should be thrilled to get a second-round pick for a player who probably isn’t a part of the organization’s long-term vision.

The Bears make perfect sense for Jonathan Allen, but they won’t be the only team interested in a trade. Good defensive linemen are hard to find, and Allen’s ability to make plays on all three downs will make him an intriguing fit for the following five organizations.

Other Possible Fits

Los Angeles Chargers

Jim Harbaugh wants to win football games with a strong defense and reliable running attack. While the Chargers have plenty of talent on the edge, they could use some help on the inside. Jonathan Allen is a perfect trade candidate for the type of team Harbaugh wants to build, and if any team knows the value of a good defensive tackle, it’s the one that spent the better part of a decade watching Chris Jones terrorize them twice per year.

Los Angeles Rams

Aaron Donald is retired, and there isn’t a single human being alive who can match his peak production. With that disclaimer out of the way, Jonathan Allen could help to mitigate his loss in a trade. Kobie Turner had a remarkable rookie season, and pairing him with Allen should give the Rams the best interior duo in football. Los Angeles’ scheme is based around creating pressure from the inside, so Allen’s presence means that the Rams won’t need to drastically change their play-calling without Donald.

New Orleans Saints

Bryan Bresee had his moments as a rookie, but Dennis Allen is probably looking for a more proven player in 2024. New Orleans is once again going all-in, and Allen won’t keep his job if he can’t guide this team to the postseason. The Saints will need to get financially creative to make a Jonathan Allen trade work, but this team has never shied away from making aggressive moves. If Dennis Allen believes Jonathan Allen can get this team over the hump, then New Orleans will find a way to make it work.

Detroit Lions

Detroit’s Super Bowl window is wide open, and they’ve dong a good job of putting all their chips to the center of the table. The Lions re-signed their star offensive players, brought in secondary help, and added decent depth players along the front seven. What they still need, however, is a game-changing player to pair with Aidan Hutchinson. A Jonathan Allen trade could create one of the best pass rushes in football, and this might be enough to get Detroit into the Super Bowl for the first time.

Baltimore Ravens

Defensive tackle Justin Maudbuike was just about the only major free agent Baltimore retained in 2024. While this team could use more help at expensive positions like wide receiver and edge defender, the Ravens could pivot and trade for Justin Madubuike. Perhaps their edge defense will be a weakness, but it won’t really matter if Madubuike and Allen can consistently collapse the pocket from the inside. It’s unorthodox, but this creative, out of the box thinking is a staple that helps keep Baltimore ahead of the curve.

Main Photo: Vincent Carchietta – USA Today Sports


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