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Bears WR Trio Lands In PFF’s Top 32 Wide Receiver Rankings

With three Chicago Bears wide receivers ranked in PFF's top 32 WR rankings, the Bears might have the best wide receiver room in the NFL.

Ranking NFL wide receivers is more challenging than it appears. Every wide receiver possesses different qualities that contribute to their team’s success. A wide receiver’s role in their team varies, resulting in some players not having impressive statistics but are objectively better players. That said, Pro Football Focus recently released its top 32 wide receiver rankings. The Chicago Bears stood out as the only team with three wide receivers in the top 32. For comparison, the only other teams with multiple wide receivers in the top 32 were the Dolphins, Bengals, Eagles, 49ers, Rams, Texans, and Buccaneers. So, who are these three Bears wide receivers, and how did they rank among the league’s best?

Bears Wide Receiver Trio Lands In PFF’s Top 32 WR Rankings

Analysis of the Bears Wide Receiver Trio

The first Bears wide receiver to make the list is D.J. Moore, who ranked 12th, just missing the top 10. During Moore’s NFL career, he had to catch passes from mediocre quarterbacks. Despite that, Moore’s had multiple 1,000-yard seasons and career highs in his first season with the Bears. Moore excels in two particular categories: yards-after-the-catch and beating man coverage. Moore deserves to be in the top 10, and next season, with the support of Caleb Williams and additional help around him, he’ll have the chance to prove it.

The next Bears WR to make the list was Keenan Allen, placing 22nd. Allen brings a distinct skill set to Chicago compared to Moore. Renowned for his precise route running and knack for finding space, Allen offers a different dimension to the team. Because of their different skills, the two Bears WRs should help each other thrive under new Offensive Coordinator Shane Waldron. Allen should have been ranked higher than 22. For instance, there’s no valid argument to have rookie Marvin Harrison Jr. one spot ahead of Allen when Harrison Jr. hasn’t played a snap in the NFL yet.

The last Bears wideout to make the list was rookie Rome Odunze, who ranked 29th. Odunze was the third and final rookie to make the list, following Harrison Jr. and Malik Nabers. Odunze exemplifies the ideal WR with his exceptional ability to catch contested passes and remarkable body control. One Bears scout said, “If you throw the ball near him, he’s gonna go up and get it.” Odunze should have plenty of opportunities to shine next season with the help of two savvy veteran WRs.


It may take some time for Chicago’s new trio of wide receivers to adapt to each other’s playing styles. Nonetheless, the Bears could have the best wide receiver trio in the NFL. All three wide receivers have been the anchor on offense for their previous teams, and with an exceptionally talented quarterback, there’s potential for even greater success. In another article posted by PFF, they ranked the best position groups in the NFL, declaring the Bears with the best wide receiver room in the NFL. However, despite their impressive lineup on paper, the Bears will need to prove it on the field next season.

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