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2024 Wide Receiver Prospect Rankings – Six Through Ten

Not every team is going to get a crack at the top wide receiver prospects in 2024. Who are some names to watch in the next tier of players?
Wide Receiver Prospect Rankings

The 2024 NFL Draft is loaded with talented wide receiver prospects. We’re only one week removed from the Super Bowl, and folks are already familiar with the big names. If you’re not, check out the top five wide receiver prospects in the draft. Instead of looking at the top, let’s dive into the next tier of playmakers.

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2024 Wide Receiver Prospect Rankings – Six Through Ten

6. Ladd McConkey, UGA

For teams looking for an immediate separator, McConkey is the clear target. The comparisons to Hunter Renfrow are lazy at best, he’s much more dangerous after the catch and is expected to test much faster. His film is a compilation of shaking SEC defenders out of their boots and effort blocking, which will make an NFL coach fall in love with him. Admittedly he likely will never lead the league in yards, but he is a strong WR2 on most teams.

Pro Comp: Skinny Chris Godwin

7. Keon Coleman, FSU

“God was showing off when he made him” –Syracuse’s Head Coach about Keon Coleman. If McConkey is a cleaned-up route runner that can immediately produce, Coleman is more a slab of marble begging to be chiseled by an artist. If a wide receiver coach can refine his route running, the sky is the limit. Coleman is one of the prospects that will make the 2024 NFL Combine must watch tv.

Pro Comp: Spider Man still learning how to use his new powers

 8. Xavier Worthy, UT

Crazy young. Crazy fast. Unfortunately, he weighs as much as a middle schooler. He didn’t let that stop him at Texas this last year, as he broke tackles all over the field on his way to the freshman All-American team. All things considered he’s a deep threat with potential to work all over the field. If he cleans his drops up, the league needs to watch out.

Pro Comp: Walmart Brand Jaylen Waddle

9. Roman Wilson, UM

Folks couldn’t stop singing his praises at the Senior Bowl. His production profile leaves a lot to be desired, but that’s in part due to Michigan’s reliance on their run game. For Pete’s sake, McCarthy only threw eight passes against Penn State. He’s expected to fly at the combine, and when you pair that with a solid week of practice at the Senior Bowl he will be a solid day two pick with a path to relevance in the NFL.

Pro Comp: Elijah Moore in a good way

10. Ja’Lynn Polk, UW

The Washington Huskies probably had a better receiver room than the New York Giants, Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots this year. Polk profiles as a contested catch bully with a little more refinement than folks give him credit for. In last year’s class he likely would have been a top five prospect, but that just goes to show how deep this class is. He leaves film grinders wishing he had a touch more speed, but maybe he will silence the critics in Indy.

Pro Comp: George Pickens without the dog in him

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