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Top Five Wide Receiver Prospects 2024 NFL Draft

The 2024 NFL Draft is the best wide receiver class we've had in years. Who are the best prospects, and what teams can they slot into?
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Wide receivers have become a premium position in the NFL. By contract value, wide receivers are the second most valuable position in football. As teams look to add firepower in the 2024 NFL Draft, who are the top wide receiver prospects, and what team fits make the most sense?

Top Five Wide Receiver Prospects 2024 NFL Draft

Marvin Harrison Jr, Ohio State University

The nickname Maserati Marv is fitting. He’s 6’4″ (unofficially) with absolute burners. There are almost no holes in his game, and he’s a lock to go in the top ten of the NFL Draft. He’s a unanimous All-American, dominated NFL corners, and will likely be a consensus top fifteen wide receiver in the league by October.

Pro Comp: Lanky Justin Jefferson (yes he’s that good)

Team Fits: New England Patriots, Arizona Cardinals, Los Angeles Chargers

Malik Nabers, Louisiana State University

If you like freaky yards after the catch, acceleration that looks like an alien, and a thick body to bully smaller corners, Nabers is your guy. About three plays into watching Jayden Daniels, Nabers caught a crossing route with a defender in his lap. Two steps later he had separation, and he turned a five-yard play into a 40-yard gain. In most draft classes, he would be the number one, but as far as 2024 NFL Draft receiver prospects go he’s firmly two.

Pro Comp: D.J. Moore

Team Fits: Los Angeles Chargers, New York Giants, Tennessee Titans

Rome Odunze, Washington

Talk about polish. Rome Odunze is adept at lining up all over the field and uses his frame masterfully along the sideline. Watching Malik Nabers is like a rock song. Watching Odunze is smooth jazz. No wasted movement. Late hands so the defenders never get a chance. He doesn’t have the same extra gear that Nabers has, but he’ll slot into most offenses and be their top receiver.

Pro Comp: Taller Chris Olave

Team Fits: New York Jets, Denver Broncos, New Orleans Saints

Brian Thomas Jr, Louisiana State University

Brian Thomas is going to make the NFL Combine must see TV. He accelerates while making tight turns, which physically isn’t something people do often. If any of the 2024 NFL Draft wide receiver prospects is going to jump out of the gym, it’s Thomas. His scouting report is right up there with the best in the class.

Pro Comp: Marques Colston

Team Fits: Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins, Houston Texans

Troy Franklin, Oregon

Troy Franklin has the change of direction of a 5’8″ man, but he’s 6’3″. He’s built like a pencil, but it helps him to put corners in a spin cycle, so nothing to worry about there. If he packs on a couple pounds and keeps the maneuverability, he’s a Pro Bowl threat. If he stays the same size, he’ll make parents around the world gasp when he gets hit, but he’ll still command targets.

Pro Comp: DeVonta Smith but you stretched his picture in Microsoft Word

Team Fits: Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens, Carolina Panthers

Honorable Mention – Ladd McConkey

While every other receiver on this list is a dominant physical force, McConkey’s acceleration at the line is his super power. He’s already a clean route runner that attacks blind spots effectively, and will immediately contribute to an offense. If you think he’s just another slot guy, check out this quick film study and find out why he’s one of PFF’s favorites this draft.

Pro Comp: Skinny Chris Godwin

Team Fits: Buffalo Bills, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Atlanta Falcons


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