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Baltimore Ravens Defense Is Making a Statement

Baltimore Ravens Defense: The Ravens have an underrated cast of characters, but they are performing like superstars.
Baltimore Ravens Defense

The Ravens are atop the AFC North and have officially clinched a playoff berth. It can be said that Baltimore is the best team in the entire AFC. That statement may have been questionable at midseason, but at this point it’s plausible. Quarterback Lamar Jackson has been a focal point in establishing the Ravens team’s winning ways, but this time around he doesn’t deserve all the credit. The Baltimore Ravens defense deserves some recognition. The Ravens have been playing spectacular defense since the start of the season, and are performing like the best unit in the NFL.

The Ravens have an underrated cast of characters, but they are performing like superstars. Sometimes a team’s production can outweigh the names on the roster, and this defense is an example of that. For instance, linebacker Roquan Smith has been nothing short of dominant. Smith’s running mate Patrick Queen has been almost just as good. Safety Kyle Hamilton has been making his mark in coverage and as a blitzer. Safety Geno Stone has six interceptions on the season, which ranks second. Defensive Tackle Justin Madubuike has accumulated 12 sacks so far, which ranks him just outside of the top 10.

Baltimore Ravens Defense Is Displaying Dominance

League-Leading Performance

The Baltimore Ravens defense has been dominating over the last 15 weeks. This current defense is reminiscent of Baltimore’s past- hard-nosed, hard-hitting, ball-seeking play. The unit is taking over in all facets, playing great coverage and disrupting opposing backfields. Mainly, Baltimore’s defensive line is wreaking havoc.

For example, the Ravens lead the NFL with 50 total sacks. These sack numbers are a direct correlation to the amount of effort that the Ravens display every down. Defensive tackle Justin Madubuike deserves a lot of credit for the way he’s initiating the pass rush this season. Madubuike has posted 12 sacks this season, up from only 5.5 in 2022.

The Baltimore Ravens Defense by the Numbers

Only seven teams have allowed under 3,000 yards this season, and the Ravens are one of them. Whether stopping the opposition on the ground or through the air, Baltimore is doing both seamlessly. Baltimore is making it hard on opposing quarterbacks through pressure and coverage. The Ravens are only allowing 5.6 yards per pass attempt, which leads the league. It is a difficult task to toss the ball around Baltimore’s no-fly zone. Some have tried, many have failed. The Ravens currently have 11 interceptions on the season and have allowed only 14 touchdowns.

The Ravens are currently allowing 288 yards per game which ranks second in the league only behind the Cleveland Browns. The Browns are the Ravens’ only competition defensively, as they lead the league in most categories. But, Baltimore has Cleveland beat in points allowed per game. The Ravens are only allowing 16.1 points per game, the lowest in the league. This defense is hard to score on, especially in crunch-time situations. It seems that at least once a week there’s a defensive stand that affects the game positively. Also, Baltimore is allowing the second-lowest average quarterback rating in the league. Simply put, Baltimore’s defense is scary. As long as the Ravens continue this level of execution on both sides of the ball, they’ll be sure to make a deep playoff run.

Main Photo: Bob Self – USA Today Sports


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