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Chiefs’ Chris Jones Claps Back at Dolphins’ Tyreek Hill

Kansas City Chiefs star Chris Jones had a message in response to former teammate and Miami Dolphins star Tyreek Hill.
Chris Jones Tyreek Hill

Kansas City Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones has heard Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill’s latest claims, and he had a message for his former teammate on the latest episode of the “New Heights” podcast on September 29.

“I seen Micah Parsons just replied to Tyreek about this. Listen, Tyreek weighed probably a buck 80 [180 lbs], a buck 60, probably a buck 40 honestly,” Jones said. “Boy … Tyreek is just too small. I’ll f****** pluck Tyreek and he’ll fall over, bro. You better stick to catching the ball, bro. You better stick to catching the ball. I don’t think you want to get in the trenches.”

Chiefs’ Chris Jones to Dolphins’ Tyreek Hill: ‘Stick to Catching the Ball’

Hill had shared a clip on September 19 of him landing a successful block on a New England Patriots linebacker Josh Uche to spring running back Raheem Mostert for a chunk gain.

“This how ima do Micah and Chris Jones,” Hill said. “I’m too much on that edge,”

“I’m gonna toss Tyreek, bro,” Jones said. “I’m gonna toss Tyreek. Oh my god.”

Jones – who is an interior lineman but one who also lines up on the outside a fair bit – is three inches taller and 70 pounds heavier than Uche at 6-foot-6 and 310 pounds. He figures to pose a bigger challenge for the 5-foor-10, 191-pound Hill.

“You know Tyreek. He just be talking man,” Jones continued. “Talking about he can’t wait to do this in Arrowhead. Get out of here, bro.”

The Chiefs and Dolphins have a showdown slated for Week 9 this season. It is Hill’s first showdown with his former team who traded him ahead of the 2022 season. But their matchup will not take place in Arrowhead Stadium. Instead, the matchup will be held in Frankfurt, Germany as one of five games in the NFL’s International Series.

Regardless, Hill got his message across.

Chiefs’ Chris Jones: Tyreek Hill is ‘Very Competitive, has ‘Little Man Syndrome’

Jones explained how it’s not the least bit surprising coming from the “very competitive” playmaker. This is not the first time they have gone back and forth.

“Tyreek is not even 5-foot,” Jones said. “You think I’m gonna let this little mother f***** talk s*** to me? … He’s got the ‘Little Man Syndrome,’ man. You know the little guys, the little mans, they be talking, bro. Tyreek, you couldn’t tell him he’s not 7-foot. You couldn’t even tell him. You could measure him up and down and he’ll tell you.”

Hill ranks second in the NFL in receiving years with 412 on 25 receptions which ranks seventh.

AFC Powers Rounding Into Shape

The Dolphins are coming off an impressive 70-20 thrashing of the Denver Broncos in Week 3 while the Chiefs took the Chicago Bears to task in a 40-10 victory, setting the stage for an explosive matchup between two AFC powerhouses in a few weeks.

With Jones and Travis Kelce each back in the fold for another week, the Chiefs looked more like the reigning champs than they did in the regular season opener. The Zach Wilson-led New York Jets are next up. Wilson has an 8-16 record for his career and has thrown two touchdowns to four interceptions through three weeks since taking over for the injured Aaron Rodgers in Week 1. Wilson’s 8.7% sack rate is also the ninth-highest in the NFL with the quarterback absorbing eight on the season.

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