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The Market Reset: How Record-Breaking NFL Deal Fuels Demand

Here is how the market is reset after NFL's record-breaking quarterback deal for Jared Goff may demand high deals from other quarterbacks.
Market reset NFL demand

The market is reset and now the record-breaking NFL quarterback deal for Jared Goff fuels demand from other quarterbacks for a higher contract this offseason. Dak Prescott, Jordan Love and Tua Tagovailoa are among the franchise starters without a new deal. According to Adam Schefter, the Lions are agreeing to a four-year, $212 million extension with Goff. The contract includes $17o million guaranteed.

The deal is larger than most projections that are anticipated for other starters who are looking for an extension. This puts pressure on other teams to strike a deal on their quarterback before it’s too late. He has the second-highest average annual salary behind Joe Burrow, who still has the higher salary this fall. Several reports are implying that it was only a matter of time before Goff received his big-time extension.

He has been establishing himself as one of the top signal callers in the league for the past two seasons. Goff hasn’t been able to lead the Lions to the Super Bowl since his arrival like Matthew Stafford did with the Rams. However, he led Detroit to their first playoff win in 30 years and first NFC Championship game appearance since 1991. With that, the Lions are locking in another offensive pillar since extending wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown and right tackle, Penei Sewell.

Detroit has had one of the most critical components of their offense for nearly a decade. The future looks bright for the Lions but this means other teams are still looking to extend their star players. It could have a significant impact on the evolving quarterback market. Thanks to him, the prices are going up and that also means the demand as well.

The Market Reset: How Record-Breaking NFL Deal Fuels Demand

How It Affects Other Quarterbacks

It may come down to the Cowboys needing to scramble for money to extend Prescott. However, he’s told reporters that he doesn’t want to be the highest-paid necessarily, but rather a fair amount. This may be some relief for the Cowboys but Goff setting the bar high could add some pressure. One could assume that Prescott would want a deal similar to Goff considering he won’t be coming back if Dallas offers a hometown discount.

However, the Packers are in the same boat and are looking to extend Love. He’s had his fair share of ups and downs but he’s been playing as one of the league’s top signal callers since taking over after Aaron Rodger’s departure. However, Green Bay could save some money if they extend Love now before the market rises again. It would be logical for a team to extend their franchise quarterback as soon as possible before another does.

An increase in the market rate would mean a higher demand for Love, even if he’s only seeking top-five compensation. However, it doesn’t look bright for Miami’s future if they extend Tagovailoa. The Dolphins only have $1.9 million in effective cap space. If an extension happens, it means that Miami may have some difficult decisions to make in the future.

What Will Happen Now?

The next several months will be crucial for plenty of quarterbacks across the league. It’ll be interesting to follow what kind of deal all of these quarterbacks will receive when the time comes. However, the Jacksonville Jaguars may have to hold off extending Trevor Lawrence. The other ongoing talks and the level of production from Lawrence haven’t yet intrigued the Jaguars.

Either way, all teams may look towards next offseason to make an extension happen for their quarterbacks.


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