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The Only (And Simple!) Game Plan That Can Save The Broncos

For Denver, the year is over before it began. But does it have to be? This is the only (and simple!) game plan that can save the season.
Broncos Game Plan

For Denver, it seems like the year is over before it even really began. But does it have to be? After two straight losses to start the season, the experiment seems to be over, and the Broncos seem to have lost all direction. But does that mean that all hope is gone? If the Denver Broncos want to turn things around before it gets even worse, there is one way to solve the problem. This is the only (and simple!) game plan that can save the season.

Saving the Broncos: The Only (And Simple!) Game Plan

Run The #%$@ Ball

It’s not complicated; run the ball. With an offense built to rely on the running game, it’s time for Denver to return to its roots. Their secret weapons were in plain sight the entire time, it’s not a surprise to anyone. But the Broncos need to remember that simple strategy, and commit to it before the season is over. Running back Javonte Williams is ready (and healed from injury) enough that the team should be on his back. Backup Samaje Perine has shown that he is more than capable of lending a hand (or two legs). And quarterback Russell Wilson needs to add himself to the threat that is the Denver run game. These three players should be the backbone of the team, and all offense should spring from there. The only (and simple!) game plan is rushing.

Complimentary Football

Committing to running the ball opens up so many other avenues during the game. First, it develops the play action pass, which can only succeed if defenses fear the run. Second, it takes time, which allows the team’s defense to rest and prepare from their turn on the field. The Broncos fell apart in the second half of both of their games. However, the answer is too easy to ignore; just run the ball. When the rushing attack works, the entire offense works, and the entire team plays better. Denver’s defense is being ripped apart by fans for their collapse versus the Washington Commanders, and rightly so. But defenses can be aided by a good offense, and that success starts with running the football.

The Only (And Simple!) Broncos Game Plan: Just Run, Baby

The Broncos don’t need to create anything new, they simply need to revert to their original plan. The only (and simple!) game plan that can turn this season around is to commit to the run game. It was the strategy, Denver has gotten away from it, but it’s easy to return to. Head coach Sean Payton needs to implement a run-heavy offense that utilizes Russell Wilson’s skill set; the deep ball off play action. Denver’s season has already been derailed, but it’s not necessarily hopeless, perhaps there really is hope. Upcoming, the Broncos have a road game versus the Miami Dolphins, and that game might simply be a loss. An 0-3 start may spell the end to any playoff hopes, but if there’s any dream left, its fulfillment lies in a return to the basics. Run the ball, Broncos, or prepare for a long, long season.


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