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6 Chargers Make NFL Top 100

Every year the NFL curates a list of 100 players, voted by the players. We will only focus on the Chargers in the top 100 thus far. 
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Every year the NFL curates a list of 100 players, voted by the players. Ranking from 100 being the “worst” to one being the “best” players are voted on their play over the course of the previous season. It’s not always a perfect science, as it can be controversial with its selections. For this article, we will only focus on the Charger players in the top 100 thus far.

Chargers Players on The NFL Top 100

93 – Eric Kendricks, LB, Chargers

The first Charger on this list… wasn’t a Charger last year. But he is now the starting Mike linebacker, and having his top-100 prowess on the team is something Chargers fans should be excited about. Eric Kendricks has been a long-time Viking, known for his ability to be a great zone defender and overall coverage linebacker. His range, communication, smarts, and athleticism are what earn him a spot on the NFL Top 100.

2022 stats:

  • 17 Games
  • 6 Pass Deflections
  • 1 Fumble Recovery
  • 1 Touchdown
  • 1 Sack
  • 137 Tackles
  • 8 Tackles for Loss
  • 2 QB Hits
  • 5 Pressures

70 – Joey Bosa, EDGE, Chargers

A veteran of this team, Joey Bosa has made the top 100. His 2022 season was completely derailed due to injury and likely didn’t deserve a spot on this list. Even though he only played in five games, his reputation earned him a top-70 spot on the NFL Top 100.

Bosa beats offensive linemen with sheer technique, effort, and strength. Beyond his near-flawless fundamentals, Joey Bosa made this list due to the respect around the league he has earned throughout his career, not so much based on his play last season.

2022 stats:

  • 5 Games
  • 1 Forced Fumble
  • 2.5 Sacks
  • 10 Tackles
  • 3 Tackles for Loss
  • 6 QB Hits
  • 6 Pressures
  • 0 Missed Tackles

38 – Khalil Mack, EDGE, Chargers

The prestigious pass-rushing threat, Khalil Mack has made the NFL Top 100 once again. This time he has placed at number 38. Mack wreaked havoc during his first season with the Chargers, despite the lack of a reliable edge rusher on the other side. Both starting Charger EDGE rushers have made the list. Mack creates havoc in the backfield with his deadly long arm stab move, as well as coupling it with a very smooth dip and rip. Pairing his heavy hands and long arms, Mack wins with strength and burst as well. A healthy Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack will be scary for opponents in 2023.

2022 stats:

  • 17 Games
  • 2 Pass Deflections
  • 2 Forced Fumbles
  • 2 Fumble Recoveries
  • 8 Sacks
  • 50 Tackles
  • 12 Tackles for Loss
  • 18 Pressures
  • 4 Missed Tackles

32 – Justin Herbert, QB, Chargers

The leader of this Charger team gets his respect around the league, placing at a very respectable #32. Justin Herbert had arguably his worst season yet and still garnered plenty of respect. With his rocket arm, football intelligence, and sheer toughness, Herbert led his team to the playoffs. All while doing so with broken ribs, a labrum tear, poor coaching, a bad defense, and without his top two receiving targets.

2022 stats:

  • 17 Games
  • 477 Completions
  • 699 Attempts
  • 68.2% Completion Percentage
  • 4739 Passing Yards
  • 25 Passing Touchdowns
  • 10 Interceptions
  • 147 Rushing Yards
  • 5 Game Winning Drives

30 – Derwin James, Safety, Chargers

The leader of this Charger defense gets a nod at number 30. Derwin James is the most versatile safety in the entire league, playing anywhere from EDGE to deep safety. James showed his prowess this season, being the team’s communicator, calling the plays for the defense, and being the “green dot” for this Brandon Staley-led defense.

2022 stats:

  • 14 Games
  • 2 Interceptions
  • 6 Pass Deflections
  • 2 Forced Fumbles
  • 4 Sacks
  • 115 Tackles
  • 5 Tackles for Loss
  • 5 QB Hits
  • 4 Sacks
  • 7 Pressures
  • 5 Missed Tackles

21 – Austin Ekeler, RB, Chargers

Austin Ekeler led this team in touchdowns, rushing yards, receptions, scrimmage yards, and touches last season, and gets his flowers by being voted the 21st best player in the league, according to the NFL top 100. Ekeler has an immaculate receiving ability, that couples with his low center of gravity leading him to be a very difficult player to tackle. His versatility, toughness, and balance make him one of the most unique and talented runningbacks in the entire league.

2022 stats:

  • 915 Rushing Yards
  • 13 Rushing Touchdowns
  • 4.5 Yards Per Attempt
  • 107 Catches
  • 722 Receiving Yards
  • 5 Receiving Touchdowns
  • 5 Fumbles
  • 843 Yards After Catch (This is more than his total receiving yards)

Main Photo: Ron Chenoy – USA Today Sports


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