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Players Making a Splash at Cowboys OTAs

Read about surprising players making a splash and Dallas Cowboy's OTAs from a positional change to a veteran finally healthy.
Cowboys OTAs

There are several players making a splash at the Dallas Cowboys OTAs this offseason. Three of these players are making a significant impact in a surprising fashion. OTAs are a long way from mandatory camp and even the start of the season, but Dallas could use all the help they can get competing in the NFC East.

Surprises at Dallas Cowboys OTAs

Kelvin Joseph

Joseph has been disappointing in his career thus far. He has not had significant playing time in his career and has been a liability when given an opportunity. Dallas drafted Joseph in the second round in the 2021 NFL Draft but has not utilized the defensive back since after some stints on the IR and some poor play.

Joseph could be creating more playing opportunities by switching positions.  He was spotted playing Nickel Back in the slot batting down a pass, and in position to make some big hits. After the Cowboys traded for Stephon Gilmore the defensive backfield is loaded with talent. Joseph will unlikely play well enough to displace obvious talent like Trevon Diggs and Gilmore. The Cowboys also have other defensive backs capable of defending the slot like DaRon Bland. The defense is also busy at the Safety position with Jayron Kearse and Donovan Wilson playing great football. This position change is likely one last opportunity for Joseph to make an impact and get on the field for meaningful snaps.

Michael Gallup

Gallup has been working with the first-team offense during Cowboys OTAs. This is not surprising since he is a veteran. However, Gallup has been clamoring about his health and is convincing everyone he is back to 100%. If Dallas could utilize Gallup in the passing game it would take tremendous pressure off Ceedee Lamb and the rest of the offense.

Gallup has had some disappointing seasons despite showing flashes of his potential. When healthy he is capable of blowing the top off the defense and stretches the field as well as nearly any other receiver. Unfortunately, he has not had the best luck with injuries missing time with a meniscus tear, hip strain, and then missing significant time on the IR with both a calf strain and most recently an ACL tear. He also has a reputation for disappearing in the mix of the game. He has had several games where he was healthy and did not make an impact whatsoever.

With the addition of Brandin Cooks, Gallup needs to play well to secure his roster spot. The Cowboys passing attack could be one of the premiere units in the entire NFL and Gallup should feature as a second or third option for Dak Prescott and the Cowboys.

KeVontae Turpin

Turpin is reported to be turning heads at Cowboys OTAs as well. He is the most surprising player on this list after the NFL’s rule change regarding kickoffs. The new rule allows players to signal for a fair catch anywhere inside the 25-yard line and have the ball placed at the 25 yard-line. This is intended to make the game much safer incentivizing players to call a fair catch. With fewer kickoff returns Turpin could struggle to make an impact. However, reports out of OTAs have Turpin one of the players making a splash. Cowboys fans have been clamoring for more touches and perhaps we could see some gadget plays designed to get Turpin the ball in space.

Cautiously Optimistic After OTAs.

Another player turning heads is Deuce Vaughn. Many expected Vaughn to make a big splash when the Cowboys stole him on draft night. The hype continues to climb after he was singled out by LaDainian Tomlinson.

The bigger surprises from Cowboys OTAs are Gallup, Joseph, and Turpin. These three players are all on the outside looking in. Mandatory camps are a long way from OTAs and the season is even further. All three of these players have yet to crack the starting lineup but could make a run with the splash they are making this off-season. The Cowboys could use significant contributions from all three if they are to compete with the Eagles and the rest of the stacked NFC East.

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