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Ravens May Have Ruined Chiefs Chances With DeAndre Hopkins

DeAndre Hopkins Ravens

The Arizona Cardinals recently released DeAndre Hopkins, but that might not have happened if it weren’t for the Baltimore Ravens. According to Albert Breer, the Kansas City Chiefs were close to trading for Hopkins, but talks blew up after the Ravens signed Odell Beckham to a massive contract.

Report: Ravens Blew Up DeAndre Hopkins, Chiefs Trade

The Report

Throughout the offseason, DeAndre Hopkins and Odell Beckham were two of the biggest names on the wide receiver market. After tearing his ACL in Super Bowl 56, Beckham missed the entirety of the 2022 season and was looking for a contract that accurately reflected his talents. Hopkins, meanwhile, was under contract with the Arizona Cardinals and had no interest in being part of a rebuild.

According to Breer, the Chiefs came very close to trading for DeAndre Hopkins, but the deal fell through when the Ravens signed Beckham to a one-year, $18 million contract with $15 million guaranteed. Quite simply, this is a lot of money for an over-30 receiver that hasn’t played in over a year, especially when the next-highest free agent wide receiver, Jakobi Meyers, only received a three-year, $33 million contract.

Chances are, Hopkins believed he is more valuable to the Chiefs than Odell Beckham is to the Ravens, and thus deserved a raise. In fairness to Hopkins, he’s probably right. After all, the wide receiver actually played in 2022 and finished the year with 64 receptions for 717 yards and three touchdowns in just nine games. The Chiefs clearly didn’t agree, and now Hopkins is available on the open market.

Ravens Could Ruin Chiefs, DeAndre Hopkins Match in Free Agency

Prior to his release, DeAndre Hopkins appeared on the I Am Athlete podcast and discussed what he’s looking for in a new team. While he spoke about a stable organization, a quarterback that loves the game, and a strong defense, there is clearly a fourth thing he’s looking for – a massive payday.

Needless to say, nobody should blame Hopkins for trying to get as much money as he possibly can. NFL players have a very small window of earning potential, and every single professional athlete should try to maximize their profits while playing an incredibly violent sport that could end their career at a moment’s notice.

Based purely on a team needs standpoint, the Kansas City Chiefs make perfect sense. The team is clearly in the midst of their Super Bowl window, and they have a glaring need at wide receiver. However, they only have $652,557 in available cap space. Multiple teams are going to be interested in DeAndre Hopkins, and if this turns into a bidding war, it’s hard to see how the Chiefs can match other top offers.

The New Orleans Saints, for instance, have over $14 million in cap space and a clear path to the playoffs thanks to a laughably weak NFC South. While Derek Carr isn’t nearly as good as Patrick Mahomes, New Orleans has the financial freedom to hand out more guaranteed money than Kansas City possibly could.

There is a very real chance that the Odell Beckham signing will keep DeAndre Hopkins out of Kansas City for good. Even if Beckham is never able to recapture his old form, that’s money well spent for a team that needs to go through Kansas City to win the Super Bowl.

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