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This is the most interesting opponent on the Carolina Panthers 2023 schedule

The Panthers 2023 schedule highlights one match that is critical for the Panthers perception, even if it is not the most important match.
Panthers 2023 schedule

The Carolina Panthers 2023 schedule release will occur on 11 May at 8 p.m., followed by ticket sales starting at 9 p.m. However, the team has already released their opponents for the home and away games. Rookie quarterback Bryce Young will have several thrilling challenges, including an away game all the way in Seattle against the Seahawks and another home match against the Dallas Cowboys elite defence. However, the most interesting opponent on the Carolina Panthers will travel to Bank of America Stadium with another rookie quarterback: the Houston Texans.


Houston Texans most interesting opponent on the Carolina Panthers 2023 schedule  

Panthers 2023 schedule features rookie quarterback battle

Had the Texans and Panthers played on the gridiron in 2022, their fans may have even tuned out. Both teams represented the worst of their conferences. The Panthers 7-10 record offered moments of hope and fun, but overall, was bereft of purpose. The Texans 3-13-1 record saw even worse play; arguably unwatchable. However, both teams have used their poor records to take the top two quarterbacks in the NFL Draft class. The Panthers and Texans match will put Bryce Young against C.J. Stroud in a must watch game. The excitement around both players is a testament to the hope and thrill a rookie quarterback gives to a franchise.

The match is cross-conference, which lowers its playoff impact. Consequentially, that puts a brighter spotlight on Young and Stroud. Either player could be on the other team in this game, and surely that will be the headline in the match. Unfortunately, there will be no chance for either player to escape the comparisons and microscopic analysis pundits will take to this match.

A chance for Panthers to defend NFL Draft

This is also, however, an early test and chance for Young to defend his draft slot, and for the Panthers front office to defend their decision making. The Panthers could have taken either player the Texans drafted. The NFL world marked Stroud for a long while as the number one quarterback. Other pundits whom were down on all the quarterback prospects hoisted Will Anderson as the player for selection one. Sometimes the harshest critique comes from players a team missed on. Bryce Young defeating Anderson and Stroud in their first matchup against one another will serve as a huge confidence boost for the Panthers staff.

The Panthers also drafted wide receiver Jonathan Mingo (selection 39) while the Houston Texans drafted Nathaniel Dell (selection 69). The picks are far enough apart, comparisons between these players are unlikely to arise. However, if either one is better than the other, the Panthers or Texans can feel secure they got a top wide receiver.

Hence, this game largely goes back to the Panthers 2023 schedule aligning for a critical match about perception. A Bryce Young and Panthers victory will be of huge interest to the NFL, and give evidence to the Panthers fans he was the right number one selection. The Texans matchup on the Panthers 2023 schedule is critical for the perception of the team and is the most interesting matchup on the calendar, even if it is not the most important.

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