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Top 5 Remaining NFL Free Agents, Ideal Team Fits

NFL Free Agents

The 2023 NFL Draft is officially over, which means some veteran free agents will be finding new homes in the coming days. From this point forward, any player signed will not count against the compensatory pick formula, which means teams can add whoever they want without worrying about the impact it might make on their draft position.

While most of the good NFL free agents have already found new homes, there are a handful of reliable players still on the market, or guys that could succeed in a better environment. Also note that, for the sake of variety, this list shall only incorporate one player per position.

Top 5 NFL Free Agents, Ideal Team Spots

Jadeveon Clowney

Jadeveon Clowney is no longer the player that justified the first-overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, but he’s still a reliable player that can pressure the quarterback. His 75.8 PFF grade was the 27th-best among edge defenders last year, and he has recorded a combined 11 sacks over the past two seasons. Any team looking for a decent starter that can mentor some young talent should be interested in adding Clowney.

Ideal Team Fits: Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens, Atlanta Falcons

Isaiah Wynn

There is no denying it: Isaiah Wynn was atrocious last year. However, he was far from the only player that had a career-worst season on the 2022 New England Patriots. After spending the first four years of his career at left tackle, Matt Patricia decided to flip him to the right side, and the results were disastrous. However, assuming he goes back to playing his native blindside spot, he should be able to provide some adequate protection – or, at the very least, be an emergency fallback in case a young player isn’t quite ready for starting duties.

Ideal Team Fits: Las Vegas Raiders, Tennessee Titans, New Orleans Saints

Marcus Peters

There is no such thing as too many reliable cornerbacks in today’s pass-happy NFL, so any team could realistically go after Marcus Peters. However, his best fit would be on a team with minimal depth, or an inexperienced roster that could use an established veteran to show the younger players how to handle life in the NFL.

Ideal Team Fits: Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco 49ers, Los Angeles Rams

Kareem Hunt

Kareem Hunt is no longer the type of player that can singlehandedly take on a three-down workload, but he can still be an effective part of a committee. Capable of making plays as both a runner and a receiver, the free agent should draw plenty of interest from NFL teams with running backs on the trade block, or teams that could desperately use more depth at the position.

Ideal Team Fits: Los Angeles Chargers, Carolina Panthers, Buffalo Bills

Teddy Bridgewater

While he has struggled to stay healthy over the past few seasons, journeyman quarterback Teddy Bridgewater remains one of the better free agents remaining on the NFL market. While he’s nobody’s idea of a 17-game starter, he can make a few starts and keep the ship afloat in case injury strikes a starter. Any team that already has a franchise quarterback but lacks a good backup should be giving him a call.

Ideal Team Fits: Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars 

Main Photo: Ken Blaze – USA Today Sports


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