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The Arizona Cardinals 2023 Uniform Relaunch

The Arizona Cardinals will relaunch the uniform, colour scheme, and franchise with a big first-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.
Arizona Cardinals Uniform Relaunch

The Arizona Cardinals are going all-in for 2023. Beyond the third pick, Arizona has new head coach Jonathan Gannon. As the Red Birds head into a new season, the NFL Draft will offer many new looks fans will love. This includes the Arizona Cardinals 2023 uniform relaunch, as the Red Birds hit the NFL Draft with a big first round big and a new scheme for a refreshing era.

The Arizona Cardinals 2023 Uniform Relaunch

Arizona had uniforms that ranks low among other teams in the league. Quarterback Kyler Murray has been on record offering his dislike for them. “No, I don’t like our uniforms… They’re outdated… I like that state flag look.” If there is one consensus between fans and Murray, it is the Arizona state flag incorporated into a new look.

Historically, the Cardinals organization has had two mainstays: the Cardinal bird on their helmet and the primary colors of red and white. The only change in gear came with the introduction of a black jersey in 2010. For the 2017 season, Arizona wore an all-black set that remains an alternative to this day.

The Cardinals adopted the red and white scheme in 1937, 17 years after their 1920 founding. Their uniform changed dramatically in 1960, but stayed static for almost 45 years until 2005 when the modern Arizona Cardinals uniforms rode onto the field. With Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald, that era also managed to capture some new lightning in a bottle.

There have been some indications that a color change or embellishment of some kind is part of the new uniform kit. Draft Day hats have yellow in their type and signage looks to have the same.

The Arizona Cardinals appear to be on the precipice of a shift towards relevancy. If Murray can find his way back to health, confidence, and mobility, winning could be back in the desert.

Main Image: Joe Rondone/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK


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