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6 Derrick Henry Trade Destinations

The Tennessee Titans are reportedly trying to trade Derrick Henry, and plenty of teams should have interest in the elite running back.
Derrick Henry Trade

One of the best running backs in football could be on the move. According to various reports, the Tennessee Titans are looking to trade Derrick Henry and build toward a younger future. Henry, now entering his age-29 season, is definitely closer to the end of his career than the beginning, but the three-time Pro Bowler should still have plenty of suitors.

Top 6 Derrick Henry Trade Destinations, Ranked

Kansas City Chiefs

As it is, defenses have no idea how to stop the Kansas City Chiefs offense, and that’s despite the complete lack of a run game. Adding Henry to the mix would make the Herculean act of slowing down Patrick Mahomes all but impossible. Ever since Mahomes took over, defenses have sold out to stop the pass, resulting in the highest rate of empty boxes in the league. Defenses won’t be able to do that with Henry though, as the 6′-3″, 247-pound back would destroy worlds if given that much running room. No matter what opposing defenses choose to do, it wouldn’t be enough to slow down this team.

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills need a running back in the worst way, especially since Devin Singletary is already set to hit free agency. This team is in the midst of their championship window, so they might as well go all-in and trade for Derrick Henry. There is a strong case to be made that Henry and quarterback Josh Allen are the two most punishing runners in the league, and putting them on the same team would lead to a whole lot of pain for enemy defenses. Plus, Henry’s physicality will help in cold games, which tend to happen a lot when you play in Buffalo.

Philadelphia Eagles

As it is, playing running back when Jalen Hurts is your quarterback is basically a cheat code. Opposing defenses need to make sure the MVP runner-up doesn’t take off on the read option, and pedestrian starters like Miles Sanders have taken advantage of this. Put simply, if Sanders is able to average 5.1 yards per carry during his two years with Jalen Hurts, then just imagine what Henry could do behind that elite offensive line.

Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins have a great roster and one of the most creative offensive minds in the league scheming up pass plays. However, they have a glaring need at the running back position, and a trade for Derrick Henry would be a perfect way to fill that need. Assuming Miami doesn’t trade Tua Tagovailoa, the Dolphins need to add a reliable ground game to limit the number of hits their quarterback takes. It’s hard to think of a better man for the job than Henry, as the Titans running back has led the league in carries in three of the past four seasons.

Los Angeles Chargers

This one is admittedly a bit of a long shot, but think of how much fun it would be. Austin Ekeler and Derrick Henry would be the perfect thunder-and-lightning backfield, and defenses wouldn’t know what to do in two-back sets. First-year offensive coordinator Kellen Moore has experience working with two starting-caliber runners from his time in Dallas, so he should be able to get the most out of these two.

Main Photo: Corey Perrine – USA Today Sports


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