2023 NFL Draft: Dawand Jones Scouting Report

Dawand Jones Scouting Report

Dawand Jones NFL Draft Overview

Position: Right Tackle
Height: 6’8″
Weight: 359 pounds
School: Ohio State

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Dawand Jones 2023 NFL Draft Profile

A mountain of a man, Dawand Jones has declared for the 2023 NFL Draft. Jones did not see meaningful play time for the Buckeyes until his Junior year, where he played in 13 games and gave up only three sacks. All three of those sacks were at the hands of former top-five NFL Draft pick Aidan Hutchison, so otherwise a clean Junior season. That season he was named to the second-team All-Big Ten and was named the starter for 2022.

In 2022, Jones truly showed out as far as a tackle can show out. He allowed zero sacks in Ohio State’s pass-happy offense. Comparatively, his first-round projected running mate Paris Johnson Jr. allowed two sacks in the same offense. Following his stellar 2022 campaign, Jones was named to the CBS All-America team and was second-team All-Big Ten for the second time in two years. Due to Jones size, athleticism, and production, he is an intriguing prospect for the 2023 NFL Draft.


  • Absurd length. Defenders will appear to be out of reach and then just get swallowed by his sheer size.
  • Athletic for his size. A two-sport athlete in high school (basketball) and it shows in his footwork.
  • When he wins a hand fight, he wins the hand fight. Will take an off-balance defender and throw them to the next zip code.
  • Anchors laughably well. The tape against Penn State shows him decide to stop backpedaling on a pass block, then pancake the poor pass rusher.
  •  Tall. Big. Whatever you want to call it he has the prototypical size and then some to spare.
  • Tractor-trailer in the run game. Can take a reach block on a wide zone run and hand the defender back to his coach on the sideline.
  • Deals with stunts well. Able to identify twists, communicates well with the guard, and pass off defenders accordingly.


  • There’s only so much speed someone this size can move.
  • Comes out of his stance high at times, hard not to when you are taller than door frames.
  • Does not explode out of stance to a pass set, and relies on size and strength rather than technique to pass block.
  • Will punch at his own chest level, which leads to illegal hands to the face penalty on smaller defenders.
  • Gets grabby when frustrated. Exposed against Hutchison in 2021 and struggles against defenders that can bend.

NFL Comparison: Evan Neal, if Neal loved run blocking.

Projection: Mid-day-two pick.

Best Fit: Cincinnati Bengals, Pittsburgh Steelers, Carolina Panthers, New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles

Bottom Line on Dawand Jones

Draft analysts place an over-emphasis on the distinction between left and right tackle. While Dawand Jones possesses the mentality and size to dominate in the NFL, the questions about positional value and ability against NFL pass rushers will have him drop out of the first round. The Senior Bowl will give Jones a chance to showcase his improved footwork, something he claims to have been working on leading up to the draft. Most teams in the NFL need at minimum a depth piece who can crush souls in the run game and at this point that is Jones floor. If a team already has five quality starters, Jones is a top-tier backup who can step into a starting role on a good team. It would also be hilarious to see him trot out as the sixth offensive lineman in a heavy set and ruin an outside linebacker’s whole week. Conversely, he is good enough to be a starter on most teams and would make an immediate impact in the run game while refining his pass protection footwork.

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