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Baltimore Ravens Record Prediction: Every Game on the Schedule

Baltimore Ravens Record Prediction: With the regular season one week away, will Baltimore improve on their 8-9 record from 2021?
Ravens Record

The Baltimore Ravens kick off their season in a week’s time as they try to improve on their 8-9 record from 2021. While injuries could strike at any moment, the team enters the season much healthier than they were at this point last year and should be ready to compete for the division and the Super Bowl.

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Baltimore Ravens Record: Predicting Every Game on the Schedule

Week 1: At Jets

The Ravens start off the season with one of their easiest matchups of the year. The New York Jets are not a very talented roster even when they’re at their best, and this snakebitten franchise is already dealing with serious injuries at the game’s most important position. Zach Wilson suffered a preseason meniscus injury and might not be able to suit up in Week 1. Even if he does play, he won’t be at full strength.

This means that a fully healthy Ravens team is going to go up against either a 50% Zach Wilson or old friend Joe Flacco. With all due respect to the former Super Bowl MVP, it’s hard to imagine a world where the present-day version of Flacco puts up much of a fight in this one.

Prediction: Ravens Win, 1-0 Record

Week 2: Vs Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins might just be the champions of the offseason. Following a 9-8 2021, the team replaced head coach Brian Flores with Mike McDaniel, added Tyreek Hill, and improved what was arguably the worst offensive line in the league. The big question mark here is quarterback Tua Tagovalioa, who now has no excuses after two underwhelming seasons. This one could easily go either way, but Baltimore’s clear advantage at the quarterback position makes the Ravens the favorite here.

Prediction: Ravens Win, 2-0 Record

Week 3: At Patriots

Contrary to the Dolphins, it’s hard to think of a team that had a worse offseason than the New England Patriots. The team has no depth at cornerback, the offensive line got worse, and now Matt Patricia is going to be calling plays for second-year quarterback Mac Jones. The Patriots have started 2-4 in each of their post-Brady seasons, and it’s easy to see them getting off to a similarly slow start this year.

Prediction: Ravens Win, 3-0 Record

Week 4: Vs Bills

Baltimore’s hot start comes to a screeching halt in this one. The Bills are widely viewed as the team to beat in the AFC, and there’s a reason for that. Josh Allen might just be the best quarterback in the game, Stefon Diggs is still playing at an elite level, and the roster doesn’t have a notable hole anywhere. Even with home-field advantage, it’s hard to imagine Baltimore coming out of this one with a win.

Prediction: Ravens Lose, 3-1 Record

Week 5: Vs Bengals

The reigning AFC Champions make their return to Baltimore in Week 5 of the upcoming season. Cincinnati blew the doors off of Baltimore in both of their matchups last year, but it’s time for the Ravens to get their revenge. Look for a long, hard battle between two of the AFC’s premier teams, with the Ravens narrowly getting the win thanks in large part to a passionate crowd.

Prediction: Ravens Win, 4-1 Record

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Week 6: At Giants

Brain Daboll is a clear upgrade on the departed Joe Judge, but he’s still not enough to make the New York Giants a competitive roster in Year 1. Daniel Jones still doesn’t look the part as a franchise quarterback, the wide receivers form one of the most underwhelming groups in the league, and it’s hard to imagine how this team will consistently move the ball this year. Even with a solid defense, this is a game the Ravens should win rather comfortably.

Prediction: Ravens Win, 5-1 Record

Week 7: Vs Browns

Deshaun Watson will not play in this matchup, which means that Jacoby Brissett will. That really tells you all you need to know about Cleveland’s odds in this one.

Prediction: Ravens Win, 6-1 Record

Week 8: At Buccaneers

Playing on a short week, the Baltimore Ravens have the unenviable task of traveling to Tampa Bay to take on Tom Brady’s Buccaneers. This is one of the most talented rosters in the league on paper and, by this point in the season, Chris Godwin should be back to full strength following his ACL tear in 2021. Brady is still one of the best passers in the league, and it’s hard for anyone to keep up with the seven-time Super Bowl champion when he’s on his game.

Prediction: Ravens Lose, 6-2 Record

Week 9: At Saints

The New Orleans Saints were 5-2 in games started by Jameis Winston last year. Winston is no superstar, but he’s undoubtedly good enough to lead a competent roster to the playoffs. The Saints have one of the deepest groups of talent of any team in the league, and the addition of rookie Chris Olave should do wonders for their passing attack. This is going to be a close one, and toss-up games like this typically go to the home team.

Prediction: Ravens Lose, 6-3 Record

Week 11: Vs Panthers

Baker Mayfield is easily Carolina’s best quarterback since peak Cam Newton, but he’s not good enough to elevate a subpar roster like this one. Outside of D.J. Moore, the Panthers don’t have too much to speak of on offense, and the defense isn’t much better. Head coach Matt Rhule could very well be gone by this point in the season, which will only make things harder on Carolina.

Prediction: Ravens Win, 7-3 Record

Week 12: At Jaguars

Trevor Lawrence had a rough rookie year, but it’s safe to blame most of his troubles on an astonishingly incompetent Urban Meyer. There is a reason Lawrence was widely considered to be the best quarterback prospect since Andrew Luck, and he should improve this year. However, even with a jump in production, the Jacksonville Jaguars aren’t quite ready to hang with the AFC’s true contenders.

Prediction: Ravens Win, 8-3 Record

Week 13: Vs Broncos

The Denver Broncos have had a great roster for years, but had a glaring hole at the game’s most important position. Now, with Russell Wilson in town, Denver should be one of the best teams in the league and pose a serious problem to Baltimore.

Prediction: Ravens Lose, 8-4 Record

Week 14: At Steelers

At this point in the season, rookie first-round pick Kenny Pickett will likely be under center. The Steelers have arguably the best defense in the league and one of the best wide receiver trios in football. They won’t need Pickett to do much more than manage the game, and he looked more than capable of doing that in the preseason. Once again, this will be a close one, and close games favor the home team.

Prediction: Ravens Lose, 8-5 Record

Week 15: At Browns

Deshaun Watson will be back for this matchup, but the former Houston Texan is going to be rusty. Watson hasn’t played any meaningful football since 2020, and he’s going to need some time to round into his old form. He looked atrocious during his limited preseason action, and that subpar play will likely carry into the back half of the 2022 campaign.

Prediction: Ravens Win, 9-5 Record

Week 16: Vs Falcons

It’s hard to picture a world where the Atlanta Falcons win more than five or six games. Marcus Mariota looked like his early-career self in the preseason, and Kyle Pitts and A.J. Terrell are two of the best young talents in football. Outside of them, however, the Falcons don’t have too many ways to win a football game. Maybe they surprise the league, but right now they look like one of the easiest opponents on the schedule.

Prediction: Ravens Win, 10-5 Record

Week 17: Vs Steelers

The Ravens take on the Steelers for the second time in four weeks in their penultimate battle of the regular season. With playoff stakes likely on the line, the Ravens will have the talent to win a close one against a strong opponent.

Prediction: Ravens Win, 11-5 Record

Week 18: At Bengals

This game could very well determine who holds the AFC North crown. Assuming that the cores of both teams are still healthy and relatively intact at this point, this should be one of the best games to watch of the season. These teams are very evenly matched, and since we assumed the Ravens won the first one at home, we have to assume they lose this one on the road.

Prediction: Ravens Lose, 11-6 Record


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