Los Angeles Chargers Record Prediction: Every Game on the Schedule

Los Angeles Chargers Record

The Los Angeles Chargers, armed with a franchise quarterback already approaching the ranks of the elite (if not already there) who is still on his rookie contract, went all in this off-season to build a team that could be a playoff contender. As such, expectations are higher for the Chargers in Year Three for Justin Herbert and Year Two for head coach Brandon Staley. Will they be able to meet those expectations?

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Los Angeles Chargers Record: Predicting Every Game on the Schedule

Week 1: vs Raiders

The season will kick off at home with the Chargers trying to get revenge against the Raiders for last year’s heartbreaking finish. On that note, expect basically every AFC West matchup this year to be a bloodbath; all four of these teams are looking to be playoff contenders. Regarding this specific matchup, the Chargers may be without J.C. Jackson to shadow Davante Adams. However, that may be rendered irrelevant by the pass-rushing duo of Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack against a nearly nonexistent Raiders offensive line. Between that and this being the home game of the series for the Chargers, we’ll pick the Chargers to win their grudge match.

Prediction: Chargers win, 1-0 record

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Week 2: @ Chiefs

Unlike all the other teams in the West, the reigning division-winning Chiefs may have actually regressed this off-season due to the loss of Tyreek Hill and still having some questions in the secondary. However, Patrick Mahomes remains one of the most dangerous quarterbacks in the league, and this is likely still going to be a shootout – and Arrowhead remains one of the toughest stadiums to play on the road. Like last season, expect this series to be split; and you can typically expect the Chiefs to win on their home field.

Prediction: Chargers lose, 1-1 record

Week 3: vs Jaguars

The Jaguars should be improved over last year with literally anyone besides Urban Meyer as head coach and with a better-looking supporting cast for Trevor Lawrence. However, their offensive line is still rather suspect – and this does not seem to be a playoff-ready team yet in general. Expect another game where Bosa and Mack feast.

Prediction: Chargers win, 2-1 record

Week 4: @ Texans

The Chargers suffered a haunting loss to the Texans last year – but that game almost deserves an asterisk seeing as basically a third of the starters were out with Covid. Such a scenario is unlikely to happen again, and the Texans do not seem that much improved last year. This should prove to be a fairly easy win for the Chargers.

Prediction: Chargers win, 3-1 record

Week 5: @ Browns

This game would be on the more difficult side… if Deshaun Watson were playing. But he will be serving his suspension at this time, and the Chargers will most likely be facing Jacoby Brissett. However, this will be the biggest test so far (if not for the whole season) for the revamped run defense. This game has the potential to be closer than some might expect, but the Chargers should be able to come out on top.

Prediction: Chargers win, 4-1 record

Week 6: vs Broncos

Another AFC West matchup, another likely shootout. In the past the Chargers have had success against Russell Wilson when he was with the Seahawks, going 2-0 against him. Between that and this being a home game, the Chargers should be able to upend the Broncos at least once. Any of these divisional games could go either way, but it’s fair to assume that most of these series will be split, and for this schedule prediction’s purpose, to the home team will go the victory again.

Prediction: Chargers win, 5-1 record

Week 7: vs Seahawks

From Russell Wilson’s old team to his new one. Fortunately for the Chargers, this will not be played in Seattle, one of the toughest places to play besides Kansas City. But even if it were, this Seahawks team looks much less threatening without Wilson. He was basically dragging this franchise to the playoffs by himself for years, and they look significantly less threatening with the likes of Geno Smith (or maybe Drew Lock) starting. Expect this to be a fairly easy win against a team that will likely be in the running for the first overall pick.

Prediction: Chargers win, 6-1 record

Week 9: @ Falcons

The Falcons are in a bit of a rebuild mode right now with Matt Ryan gone and Marcus Mariota the starter with Desmond Ridder the possible guy of the future. The problem for them is the receiving corps is basically nonexistent outside of Kyle Pitts; so if the Chargers get ahead early, the game will be well in hand. If it was not obvious by now, the early half of the schedule is pretty soft outside of the AFC West matchups.

Prediction: Chargers win, 7-1 record

Week 10: @ 49ers

The Chargers are likely going to have a midseason upset loss at some point, and this seems the most likely candidate. On the road against a 49ers team with a very tough defense that carried a shaky offense to the NFC Championship. By midseason, Trey Lance should be more comfortable in the starting job, and his offense should be working quite efficiently between the running game and the likes of Deebo Samuel. This will be well-fought, but the Chargers may just fall in the end after coasting through some easier opponents.

Prediction: Chargers lose, 7-2 record

Week 11: vs Chiefs

Assuming the Chargers fall in Week 2 at Arrowhead, they will be looking to even the score at home in Week 11 – even more so if they are coming off a road loss to the 49ers. As with all Herbert vs Mahomes matchups, expect this to come down to the final possession – and this time the Chargers are on the right side of that final possession.

Prediction: Chargers win, 8-2 record

Week 12: @ Cardinals

On paper, this should be a tough matchup against Kyler Murray’s squad, especially with DeAndre Hopkins having long since returned from his suspension. However, this is also in the latter half of the season, where Kliff Kingsbury’s teams have historically struggled. Having to deal with covering a receiving corps of Hopkins, Marquise Brown, A.J. Green, and Rondale Moore may make this one interesting, but expect the Chargers to come out on top.

Prediction: Chargers win, 9-2 record

Week 13: @ Raiders

Another AFC West matchup, another victory predicted for the home team. The Raiders may still have some question marks at offensive line and defense, but they will have had more time to get it together as a team. Still, they will be tough enough to compete and may eke out this win at home and split the season series at home.

Prediction: Chargers lose, 9-3 record

Week 14: vs Dolphins

The Dolphins may be a low-key tough opponent this season with a tough defense and the receiving duo of Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle. However, barring a breakout season for Tua Tagovailoa, the difference remains the quarterback position. Between that and this being a home game, expect the Chargers to come away with a win.

Prediction: Chargers win, 10-3 record

Week 15: vs Titans

The Chargers got rather fortunate by facing the AFC South – the weakest AFC division – as opposed to the East or North. However, the Titans are still going to be a tough opponent. Derrick Henry will be back, and he’s a tough running back for even the best run defense to deal with. However, if the Chargers can jump ahead early, that could prevent the Titans from leaning on Henry. At any rate, the Chargers should be able to pull this one off at home.

Prediction: Chargers win, 11-3 record

Week 16: @ Colts

Out of the AFC South opponents, the Colts are probably the toughest. They have a strong defense, one of the best running backs in Jonathan Taylor, and one of the best offensive lines that could potentially hold off even the likes of Bosa and Mack at times – and Matt Ryan at quarterback. All of this combined with this being a road game may end up equaling a loss against the toughest non-West AFC opponent they will face this year.

Prediction: Chargers lose, 11-4 record

Week 17: vs Rams

The Battle of Los Angeles, Part II! This may ultimately end up amounting to being a road game seeing as there appear to be more Rams fans than Chargers fans in Los Angeles. The Rams being the defending Super Bowl champions does not help matters. However, the Chargers will be looking to make a statement here on primetime, perhaps more so than any game besides their divisional matchups. Expect this to be a closely fought match, but the Chargers ultimately emerge victorious and send the desired message.

Prediction: Chargers win, 12-4 record

Week 18: @ Broncos

Chances are that one or both teams in this final regular season matchup will be fighting for playoff seeding – or possibly for the division crown – or even for a playoff spot in general. Following the theme of AFC West teams splitting the series and winning their home games, the Chargers fall on the road again in the regular season finale. However, as opposed to 2021, this time they will have won enough games for it to not cost them.

Prediction: Chargers lose, 12-5 record

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