Kansas City Chiefs Season Outlook: Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid Synchronized for Success

Reid Mahomes

Plenty of NFL prognosticators are doubting the 2022 Kansas City Chiefs to be the favorite to win the AFC. Even the belief of the Chiefs winning the AFC West repeating seems unbelievable. A portion are oozing at seeing Russell Wilson in a Denver Broncos jersey. Others are swept away by the off-season of the Los Angeles Chargers. And a handful are even picking the Las Vegas Raiders, which seems like a huge gamble. That being said, none of those teams have the ultimate dynamo of Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid.

Chiefs Season In Good Hands with Reid and Mahomes

None of those teams have a duo the Chiefs’ possess. It’s impossible to measure chemistry. And even harder to invent it. The combination of Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes make all other contenders hoping to provide that same combo of pure gold. Add a bit of red in the mix — SYNCHRONICITY.

Training camp has ended in St. Joseph’s on Thursday. Surely, even Andy Reid is ready to go home. Home to the regular season where the Chiefs remain the team to beat in the AFC in 2022.

Reid understands the importance of training camp. Why it’s so important. “I think I challenged the guys which I think was important,” said Andy Reid after Thursday’s practice. “Bonding becomes important and you bond when you’ve got something so tough. They answered the bell everyday. I appreciate the effort that went into it. And I know some of them were hurting, but they pushed through.”

Being on the Same Wavelength between the Lines

The bond is a perfect word for the way Reid and Mahomes process information on and off the field.

For example, the pair in essence work better together. Both want to win. Both want touchdowns. Ultimately, another Super Bowl is the end goal for this year. But the fact of the matter is, going from zero to sixty is not just pushing the “easy” button.

Especially, in this year where a lot of younger players are in the mix or to the team as a veteran. Every detail from every single play has to be done over and over again, until automatic is an expectation.

it’s almost like playing a song and singing the lyrics automatically from memory without thinking. Winning is being in sync on target each and every play. And it may sound corny but practice makes perfect.

Dynamic Duo of Wisdom and Performance

Mahomes gets the daily grind of training camp and why it’s necessary. “I mean we have the talent, we’ve got the guys who can go out there and make the plays,” said Mahomes. “Like coach runs a tough training camp, it’s kind of what we’ve been known for. I think it’s better for it. I think guys, as we went on, understood that and they came out with the mindset that they were going to compete every single day.”

Sound familiar. When deciphering some of the talking points both Reid and Mahomes are in sync. Mahomes already has the built in auto mode to pursue perfection. Reid has been there done that. Together the duo echoes the best out of each other rubbing off on a 53 man roster.

Players are watching and learning. Asking questions to figure out the code of chemistry that has evolved through trial and error.

No other team in the NFL can replicate it. It’s not something to be bought. No, these invaluable minds alike are completely concocted to live in the moment to remain present to perfect harmony.

Forget about the rest of the NFL. The Chiefs have “it” now. While it doesn’t guarantee a championship every year — it does guarantee winning consistently without letting up. The Chiefs are unmistakably the team to beat in 2022.

Let the games begin!